Beauty Event. Make a Glam Impact with Ted Gibson’s New Clip-in Hair Extensions

April 1, 2009 • Beauty


Special guest editor, Felicia C. Sullivan

Two years ago you were flush – you sported the YSL Downtown, you kicked up your heels in the season’s statement shoe, and you didn’t blink twice at the haute salon as you spent hundreds of dollars to mimic the Beckham and Holmes bob. Ah, the good old days of delicious, indulgent consumption! But after shrieking in horror at your 401k statement, and realizing it’s no longer fabulous to carry five-figure credit card debt, you’ve decided to scale back. You dust off the Downtown and wear it anew (it’s practically vintage!) and chicly balk at the Balmain bootie’s $2,000 price tag, opting for the Zara version because you’ve mastered mixing high and low. And when you spy Katie Holmes at the Japan Valkeryie premiere with long, voluminousTed_gibson
waves, reminiscent of a pre-Scientology Cruise with the volume turned up, you forgo the expensive salon visit to score hair extensions that won’t break the bank.

When you think of hair extensions, you imagine clumps of hair, visible tracks and rows – telltale signs that you’re wearing fake hair. However, renowned celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson has developed an affordable, lightweight line of synthetic hair extensions that are virtually undetectable due to the contoured mesh underlining that not only stretches based on the natural curvature of your head, but allows you to incorporate your natural hair through open slots for a more natural look. The collection is Memory Style-able and Heat Style-able, enabling you to style your hair with hot rollers, curling irons or straighteners up to 320 degrees (medium heat-setting).

The Clip-In System comes in the following colors:
•    Reese – Light Medium Golden Blonde
•    Lindsey – Honey/Strawberry Blonde
•    Jennifer – Light Blondish/Brown
•    Julia – Warm Caramel/Medium Brown
•    Marcia – Copper/Golden Red
•    Angelina – Chocolate/Dark Brown
•    Debra – Rich Red/Auburn
•    Gabrielle – Darkest Espresso Brown


Since the line comes in chic, blend-able colors that mimic the natural shades and tones of your hair, matching and incorporating the extensions is blissfully stress-free.

So if you’re looking to get glam for an evening out with the girls or you’re seeking to create your fairytale wedding look on a budget, consider Ted Gibson’s fabulous and unbelievably natural-looking hair extensions.

Ted Gibson Full Head Hair Extension w/2 Side Pieces"Deborah" $164.88

Photo of Ted Gibson: Teen Vougue

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3 Responses to Beauty Event. Make a Glam Impact with Ted Gibson’s New Clip-in Hair Extensions

  1. These hair extensions look like a great idea. Have you managed to try these yourself yet?

  2. Felicia says:

    My hair is actually textured and coarse/curly, so this wouldn’t be an ideal product for my hair. However, I was with fellow beauty blogger friends and watched as they got extensions added to their hair and it looked unbelievably natural.

  3. Felicia says:

    I also have enough hair for a small village, so extensions? volume? not for me, but it’s absolutely perfection for women who need length and volume.

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