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April 2, 2009 • Fashion


Dear Bean:

As much as I love fashion, when it comes down to my wardrobe I
opt for comfort over style and ultimately end up wearing jeans and a
t-shirt. Is there a way to dress up my casual look without trying too

Sloppy Shirt

Dear Reader:

There is nothing sloppy about being comfortable. I would never dare take you away from your favorite pair of jeans. However, I applaud you for recognizing the fine line that can easily be crossed between casual and disheveled.

First off, one woman’s casual can be another woman’s glamour. So
it’s important to know where you fit when it comes to wearing a pair of
jeans and a t-shirt. If your jeans are held together by a piece of
thread and your t-shirt should have been retired to a dishrag three
months ago…then you may want to start from scratch with your task of
putting some snap into your style.

But if you are just looking to update a look that you feel just
needs a little bit of a kick, then examine why. Is it because your
jeans are dragging on the floor due to your flip flops? Is it because
your t-shirt is just a little bit too stretched out to make you feel
shapely? Or is it because you have a knapsack thrown over your shoulder
that boasts the opposite side of the color wheel than that of your

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