Taking Out The Trash

April 4, 2009 • Magazine

Taking Out The Trash

Taking Out The Trash

Sun, 2009-04-05 03:00

5 Spring Trends That Should Stay Out of Your Wardrobe

Heatherbelle Bridgeview

For the past decade people have been very fond of saying “anything goes” or “dress how you feel.” And they’ve liked saying it because these are phrases that are pleasant to hear and won’t make you an enemy. However, when pennies are tight and you decide to buy why not take a moment to consider some criteria? Don’t kid yourself: Here are some things you might think twice about buying.

Wrap sandles, wrap-around booties and open toed boots. WTF were people thinking? Until I’m buying tickets to see a Mad Max-style warrior battle someone in a Thunderdome in 3010 I would ask designers to work a little harder.

1. LD Tuttle Spectre Open-Toe Boots $565
2. Candela Lora Mesh Booties $215

Optimism my a**. These prints look like something I would dress a 3-year old in and not a woman—even a young and attractive woman. Lolita I can handle, but preschooler?
3. Anna Sui Berry Cluster Tunic $415
4. Stella McCartney Cherry Thong Sandals $795

Tote bags with silly slogans. Someone please explain to me why I’m paying even around $40—and UP for a regular tote bag. Until it does a magic trick I’d rather save and put it in my dream bag account.
5. Jessica Kagan Cushman Black Is The New Black Mini Tote $35
6. Charlotte Ronson Seventeen Organic Canvas Tote $48

Jumpsuits I get. Think of a great 1970s moment when everyone was guiltlessly tan and Telly Sevalis was still king of primetime drama. But jumpers and rompers? Think Punky Brewster circa 1982.
7. Loeffler Randall Cowl-neck Jumper $325
8. Marc by Marc Jacobs Silk Colorblock Jumper $258

Any pair of jeans that is tattered, destroyed or that has the word boyfriend in the description. Danger Kitty anyone?
9. Current/Elliot The Skinny Jean, Tattered Destroy Wash $246
10. Acne Jeans Her Slash Denim Pants $325 (I do love how they had to say pants in the description. As if that would justify this monstrosity.)

Image Layout: Minette Higden

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