(First) Lady Picture Show

April 10, 2009 • Fashion


Carol and I are going to go out on a limb here and tell you we are not really fans of the First Lady's wardrobe. We know the White House has been so fashion deprived since Jackie…Michelle does seem like the next coming. However, we don't think she should be baring her arms so much and when she does cover them, she does so with matronly cardigans. Not to mention the hems of her skirts and dresses always cut in the wrong place and her pointed flats (which are basically the same pair in every color imaginable) make us want to stick pins in our eyes. On the flip side, if the Croc wearing public wants to now emulate her, we are all for it! It's a vast improvement.

As our friend Dana puts it, "I'm not buying it. She doesn't look comfortable in her clothes. It's so obvious her stylist is like…'where this.'" We couldn't agree more. If she owned her look…we might think she dresses better.

We digress. We get some of you are obsessed with her and what she is wearing so…New York Magazine's The Cut is now keeping close tabs on what Michelle Obama is wearing. Click to see every outfit Michelle has worn in public since the inauguration, and check back for daily updates. Visit: nymag.com/daily/fashion/2009/04/michelle_obama_slideshow.html

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