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April 14, 2009 • Shopping


Andra Naylor for Second City Style Magazine

At Second City Style, we love to write about trends: those to avoid (see Fashion Focus: Taking Out the Trash) and those that can be controversial (Retail Therapy: Ruffled Feathers), and most frequently, those that we’re loving at the moment.

And sometimes, if a trend is really lucky, it can evolve into
something bigger and better, emerging as a full-fledged stylish
mainstay. Fashion is always objective, but here’s the top list of trends that have earned a permanent spot in my closet.

The Skinny Pant
Skinny pants, especially jeans, were a very scary introduction a couple years ago. It
can be a difficult look to pull off depending upon body type, but I’ve
become convinced that a black pair in the right fabric is now a
wardrobe staple.
We know they look great with a tall pair of heels,
and can be very hip with funky flats. If you’re still a bit
uncomfortable with the narrow silhouette, try easing into it by pairing
them with a longer tunic-style shirt or even a tank and long cardigan.
And remember, this doesn’t mean a standard pair of bootcut or flared
pants is out of style, but that the skinny is an additional option in
your fashion arsenal. Congratulations skinny pants!

Charles Nolan Lazer Cut Poly Ruffle-Front Blouse and Ponte Pant $237 and $144 at
True Religion “Stella” Skinny Jeans $175 at

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