Finds on a Dime. Auditing the Adult Wardrobe

April 15, 2009 • Shopping


Rachel Yeomans for Second City Style Magazine

There are times I feel that fashion has a shelf life. In order to be “fashionable”, one needs to wear the latest look, which may include a baby doll top, leggings and ballet flats.
That can be a fantastic image for a 16-year-old. But what about fashion
for adults? I sometimes feel that in order to dress fashionably, I have
to purchase looks off the runway, thus invoking a closet half full of
clothes I should have given away after college graduation and half full
of clothes I keep paying for in dry cleaning.

I may have a larger salary than I did when I was 16, but that
doesn’t mean I can afford such dramatic wardrobe inflation between
H&M and Helmut Lang.
However, just because I know who Helmut
Lang is doesn’t mean I’m forever banned from the likes of H&M.
After years of frustration over clothing prices for the adult fashion
buyer, I decided to take a step back in “age” and revisit my old
shopping haunts.

First off H&M is not just for baby doll tops and leggings.
I was amazed to find some adorable gems of knee-length skirts,
herringbone jackets and the widest array of tank tops ideal for
layering under those cardigans and blazers. And the best part, I spent just as much on a cart-full of basics and a few statement pieces as I would have for a Tahari coat!

I also revisited some staples from my “interviewing for jobs”
days and “first office wardrobe” era, including J. Crew and Ann Taylor.

It was quite refreshing again finding those basics that are of good
quality and have just enough edge to get me excited to saunter in and
out of the fitting room.

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