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April 16, 2009 • Fashion


Bonnie J. Brown for Second City Style Magazine

Pull out your old Swatch Watch and LeSportsac fanny pack because, as Olivia Newton John once sang, it’s time to get “Physical.”
But, lucky for us, we don’t necessarily have to renew our gym
membership in order to sport the athletic look since spandex, hoodies
and draw-string pants have gone from comfy and stead to comfy and
fabulous. Everyone from Balenciaga to John Galliano have infused their spring collections with a bit of sporty zest. Stella McCartney is still lending her designing hand to LeSportsac and Adidas
again this season. With all the Lycra, spandex and cotton blends being
used it doesn’t take much of an imagination to recall a time when
headbands and legwarmers were all the rage back in the early 1980’s.

Unlike today, the sporty trend of the 1980’s hit the public at every
angle and the sport infused fashion wasn’t coming from the runway.
Women were inspired by what they saw in the movies like 1983's“Flashdance” where they tried to impersonate the look of dancers who wore tights and headbands or 1980's“Fame” which immortalized the one-shouldered sweatshirt and legwarmers. Women were also watching the music video “Physical” and workout tapes like Jane Fonda’s,
both of which featured thin women wearing leotards. While fashion is
intended to make one look great, it is also intended to make people
feel comfortable and unfortunately comfort far out weighed the fashion
in many of the sporty looks that women wore during this time.

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