Legally Yours. Woody Vs. Dov

April 17, 2009 • Fashion


I have been following this pending lawsuit in the NY Post and have to say, based on the above ad, we should all sue American Apparel! I think we have a case. Well, Woody Allen definatley does. He filed a federal suit against American
Apparel in March 2008 over the firm’s unauthorized use of his image in
a billboard campaign. Allen has been publicly mum
on his pending lawsuit against American Apparel. But, as WWD just found out, Allen was hardly
understated about the situation in his December deposition.

In excerpts
released Wednesday (from a previously confidential transcript), Allen called the retailer’s characteristically soft-core ads
“sleazy” and “infantile.” The
director said under oath on December 15, “If I’m going to do a commercial, it would have
to be for, as I said, a large amount of money, it would have to be a
very clever, kind of witty or intellectual-style commercial…” He went on to say American Apparel
has a “sleazy image” and that the company’s ads, which often bear the
imprint of chief executive officer Dov Charney, he
had seen were “sexually gross in a witless and infantile way.” We couldn't agree more.

Get this move…Los Angeles-based American Apparel filed a motion to compel
Allen to produce evidence related to his messy divorce from Mia Farrow and marriage to her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn earlier
this month.
Lawyers for American Apparel are contending the scandal that surrounded the
marriage dragged Allen’s potential endorsement lower than the $10
million he is seeking in the suit. How low can Dov go? Apparently, not far enough.

Allen’s team responded with the
portions of the deposition as proof that he had fulfilled his
obligations for the discovery phase of the trial, during which
plaintiff and defendant trade evidence. His lawyers accused American
Apparel of using a “scorched earth” approach to the case and attempting
to turn discovery into an “unfettered exploration of Mr. Allen’s family
life, personal finances and career.” The two sides are due to meet at
trial on May 18 in Manhattan. We can't wait.

Source: WWD


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