Recession Savvy Chic: Less is More

April 19, 2009 • Magazine

Recession Savvy Chic: Less is  More

Recession Savvy Chic: Less is  More

Sun, 2009-04-19 09:00

Gabbie Perez

It’s 2009, which means we fashionistas must be stylish as well as fiscally responsible. What works in these financially hard times? Look for extra discounts (they are definitely out there!), reuse wisely (think vintage and resale), and steer clear of fads. It’s no longer about how much you spend; it’s about how much you save.

It’s a Buyer’s Market
If you have a few extra pennies to spend, now is the time! I’ve never seen so many sales, discounts deals, coupons, or special offers in retail history. With all of this being offered to consumers, never ever buy anything full price! That extra 20% off or free shipping can really go a long way. Visit Coupon Cabin for printable coupons and coupon codes, for everything from Dell computers to sporting goods at Sports Authority.

Be Resourceful
Can’t afford that coveted pair of Jimmy Choo platforms or the latest Chanel handbag? Don’t feel bad, no one can. But don’t forget other (less expensive!) places where you might find them — like your grandma’s closet, your local flea market, estate sales (which usually prove to be a real adventure), or resale shops. Again, it’s a buyer’s market: people are selling luxury items to make an extra buck, so save up and start hunting!

Forget the Fads
Be frugal when following ephemeral fads. Don’t waste exorbitant amounts of money on gone-in-a-minute trends (come on, do you really need to spend $800 on those harem pants or $2000 that neon jumpsuit?). Instead, invest in classic basics — pieces that are timeless, rather than running out of time…

Clothing Swap Soiree
Sort your closet, gather your girlfriends, and trade away your no-longer-wanted tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories. We all have that one friend whose closet we are so envious of—she’s the perfect invitee to your next Clothing Swap Soiree. Take the left-overs to a local clothing donation spot, such as the Salvation Army or YWCA. Don’t forget: just because you don’t want it anymore, doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t want it. Being fiscally responsible and helping others? You don’t get more chic than that.

1. YSL 1970’s Button Tunic $495 at Marion Mercer (classic and versatile!)
2. 1980’s vintage Red mini Shirt Dress $215 at Marion Mercer (Red will always be a hot color.)
3. Jimmy Choo Peep-Toe sandals $895 at Saks Fifth Avenue
4. Steve Madden Gizella Pump $89.95 (on sale!)
5. Ashley Olsen with Chanel Handbag
6. Quilted Jumbo Chanel Handbag $800 on eBay
7. Temperley London Leopard-Print Harem Pants $785 at Net-A-Porter (Skip the Trend!)
8. Matthew Williamson Bright Escape Print Jump Suit $1,950 at Net-A-Porter (Worth it?)

Image Layout: Minette Higden

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