WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was in Bad Celebrity Style.

April 24, 2009 • Celebrity Style


Fabiola Beracasa at the 8th Annual Tribeca Film Festival in NYC

Comment: Wow! It's amazing that multiple people let Beracasa leave her home looking like this. The most obvious problem is of course the ape she is sporting on her back, but take a look down at her feet. WTF was she thinking?! She is wearing some sort of nude footless legging that is about 3 shades darker than her skin!

She's Thinking: Would you like to pet me?!

Lady Gaga looking a mess
Lady GaGa at the Hogan Charity Cocktail for Best Buddies Association Benefit Paris

Comment: Okay, we all know Lady GaGa is partially famous for looking like a fool most of the time, but come on! First of all, it's a CHARITY EVENT, put those girls away! The only thing right about her dress is the color, from the shoulders down she looks like a 2-tier cake, and above, she's reminding us of the Amish Country.

She's Thinking: I love this hat and glasses because no one can read my p-p-p-poker face!

Alyson Zarin at Operation Smile's 2009 Jr. Smile Collection event in NYC

Comment: Alyson is the teenage daughter of Jill Zarin, reality star from "The Real Housewives of New York."  Since she's is young in her years, it wouldn't be fair to let her take the blame for this horrid disaster. But please take note: learn to dress for your body type. Toga's are inappropriate; whether you're thin, or thick! She's made herself into a giant pillow case. And what's with all the eyeliner? Did she get ready with Mary-Kate Olsen?

She's Thinking: It's totally so cool that my mom's a big reality star now.

Debra messing
Debra Messing at the 8th annual Tribeca Film Festival at The Odeon in NYC
Comment: Maybe it wouldn't be so bad without the jacket? Debra Messing is so cute and fun we love her, but she's looking so matronly and washed out, WTF?!

She's Thinking: I miss Will.
Flower pot
Christine Lahti at the screening of "Obsessed" in NYC

Comment: Now its not even that Lahti looks that disturbing…but what was she trying to achieve with all this matchy-matchy red and flowers?! Is she, dare I say, Obsessed?!

She's Thinking: Yes! I finally get to show off my dirt pale bag!


-Lauren A. Ward
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  1. RegularGuy says:

    dirt pale?

  2. Lennon says:

    Lady GaGa’s dress is ugly to me.

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