A Personal Preview: Rachel Rachel Roy

April 29, 2009 • Fashion

R Roy Showroom 001  

I have to admit, when I first heard about the new Rachel Rachel Roy collection I was a little skeptical. I mean, Rachel Roy at Macy's? Not so much selling at Macy's, but a diffusion line? I am used to seeing Rachel Roy $2,000 dresses at Saks, but a $250 dollar dress at Macy's? Inconceivable! Well, I was invited to preview the soon to be released Rachel Rachel Roy collection and meet the designer along with a select few other online publishers yesterday.

This, I had to check out for myself. I had seen some pictures of the collection, but could not tell if it looked or felt cheap from the photos.

Carol interviewed Rachel in Chicago last fall and I was pleasantly surprised she remembered her vividly. As Carol had told me, 'not only is she gorgeous, she's down-to-earth.' Very true.

R Roy Showroom 002
Rachel Roy on the left. Yummy cupcakes BTW.

Roy's new "affordable contemporary" diffusion line is scheduled to hit Macy's stores by the end of August. Much to my amazement, not only was the collection extensive, the quality was better than expected as was the design. I left rather impressed. The best part? The entire collection retails between $59-189! I know, right?

Rachel walked us through the collection. From her designer line she incorporated details she loves, such as painterly prints, fabric manipulation, draping, trenches as dresses, jumpsuits, one-shoulder dresses and tops and heathered knits. Not to be missed is her affordable collection of unique statement jewelry.

Let's take a tour, shall we? Bare with me, there are a lot of photos ahead…

R Roy Showroom 018
Rachel is really into jackets and I love this one paired with a metallic dress.

R Roy Showroom 020
Isn't this romper adorable?

R Roy Showroom 017
Studs with a painterly print jacket.

R Roy Showroom 026
Rachel shows off her short-sleeve bomber which she loves paired with a long-sleeved top.

R Roy Showroom 028
Rachel shows off a one her favorites…a fabric manipulation top.

R Roy Showroom 031
Another Rachel favorite…a one-shoulder dress.

R Roy Showroom 039
I loved this dress.

R Roy Showroom 038
Ditto for this top.

R Roy Showroom 041
How cute is this vest?

On to the accessories…

R Roy Showroom 004
Fall '09 shoes, boots and bags

R Roy Showroom 014
A close up of some moc-croc shoes…I'm feeling the love.

R Roy Showroom 036
I am digging those black boots!

R Roy Showroom 006
Suede fringe is HUGE for Fall.

R Roy Showroom 005
Peace out! You can never have too many flats…

R Roy Showroom 037
I loved these flats.

R Roy Showroom 034
I want this clutch and adore the safety pin zipper.

Last, but not least…the jewelry…

R Roy Showroom 011

R Roy Showroom 013
The rings extend over a couple of fingers. Very cool.

R Roy Showroom 035
Some of the earrings are horizontal.

Stay tuned for more…

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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