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May 1, 2009 • Accessories


By now we have all seen the annoying ads, but I have to admit, for once I am tempted to actually make a purchase. My shoes could use Shoes Under. Now that I have to share living space in a major city with a husband (you would think after almost 2 years I would be used to sharing closet space), my once protected shoe collection is looking a little shall we say, scary? I no longer have the room to store my shoes in their original boxes (like I used to) in my nice big closet (which I no longer have), some of my shoes are now piled on the floor of my too tiny closet. I have nowhere to put them! It's an unorganized mess and it's starting to drive me crazy. It's my Carrie Bradshaw conundrum.

Before                                  After

While the idea is basic…storing shoes under your bed, why haven't I done it yet? I noticed Bed, Bath & Beyond sells this product so I can avoid the shipping & handling charges (hey, I want to spend as little as possible for this experiment). I may have to journey there this weekend. Mind you, I will need at least 4 for my collection. I just hope there's room under the bed!

Have you tried this product? If so, leave a comment.


– Lauren Dimet Waters

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