Don’t Schlep The Rainwear

May 2, 2009 • Magazine

Don't Schlep The Rainwear

Don't Schlep The Rainwear

Sat, 2009-05-02 07:00

Rachel Yeomans

No matter what catchy phrase you can associate rain with (i.e. “It’s raining men”, “Umbrella, ella, ella…”, etc.), the reality is slightly less catchy: Rain is wet, cold, and messes up any good hair day you had before you shut your front door.

Spring is upon us, and even though we greatly look forward to the green and flowers the rainy months bring, surviving the process is a little more cumbersome, and slightly less attractive. So, in order to save yourself (and your look) from water damage, be prepared to wear the appropriate outerwear, footwear, and of course, carry the appropriate accessories.

First, the umbrella. We all want to be protected from the temperate conditions, however must we sacrifice the sake of our style just to keep dry? The small rickety umbrellas we all carry in our purses may perform the task, but they are guaranteed to turn out at the first sign of wind and to completely deter us from any sort of fashion statement.

However, there are umbrellas out there that can both be functional and fashionable. You just have to look outside the Target’s and Walgreen’s we all rush into in emergency rainy situations. I particularly love the bubble umbrellas. Not only are they adorable, but they protect my entire outfit from stray rain drops versus some that can only boast perhaps keeping my hair dry depending on that day’s wind direction.

The easiest way to stay dry and stylish during inclement weather is to sport a trench coat. However, keep in mind that there are functional trench coats and fashionable trench coats — not necessarily both. For instance, if the cleaning tag says, “dry clean only”, it is not a rain coat.

Footwear can be a bit more daunting when water is on the ground. Either you are wearing shoes that are not meant for water, or you are schlepping through puddles in boots meant for fly-fishing, not commuting. Lucky for you, rain boots have become a blank canvas for designers. Instead of schlepping, you can skip through puddles while flaunting ladybugs, flowers, or even the Burberry plaid.

Rainy days are usually best admired from the indoors, however when you are forced to endure the drizzle, know that you don’t have to blend into the gray. Force in some sunshine with that bright yellow trench, red umbrella, and a skip in the floral-booted step. Before you know it, you’ll be singing in the rain!

1. “It’s Still Raining” fashion plate from La Gazette du Bon Ton, 1915.
2. Totes Elements Clear Bubble Umbrella $16.99
3. Marigold Raincoat $94.99
4. Soia & Kyo Tulip Hem Coat $225
5. Just for Kicks Contest: Day 4 Rain Boots $114.99
6. Dollhouse Luisa Rain Bootie $19.95

Image Layout: Minette Higden

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