Summer ’09. My Lusts and Musts…What I Wish Was In My Closet Now

May 7, 2009 • Shopping

Truth be told, I'm really not a summer person…fashion wise that is. I am much more into fall fashion, but I have been asked lately what I plan on adding to my closet for spring/summer. I have give this a lot of thought, so here are some of my favorites:


Lust: I have been on the hunt for the perfect short-sleeved leather jacket and I found one I love. I see this Mike & Chris Landis 3/4 Sleeve Cropped Leather Jacket paired with my floral print dresses from last summer. What a great way to update for Summer '09! Mind you, the jacket looks much better unbuttoned and not paired with those ridiculous shorts as pictured, but this was the best photo I could find.


Must: For some unexplained reason I adore this BCBG Tioness sandal. It's studded, it's in the season's hottest color, it's got a little wedge so it's not completely flat and it zips on easily. Perfect in my book. I would pair it with a romper (see below)…totally hot.


Must: I dig one-stop, effortless outfits and I'm all about navy (the new black) this year. So this BCBG Twill Long-Sleeve Jumpsuit fits the bill. I see myself working this as an evening alternative to a dress. Just toss on some gold bangles and hoops and my sandals above and I'm ready to go.


Lust: I am in serious love with this Mulberry Shimmy bag in straw like nobody's business! I wandered into the Madison Ave. Mulberry store a few months ago and instantly formed a bond with this bag. Thankfully it does not come in black so I would have to step outside my bag comfort zone (I always seem to buy black). Like a good crush, I just can't get this bag off my mind.


Must: When I saw this Plenty by Tracy Reese Bungalow Dress I knew I had to have it. It's simple, yet elegant and the price is right. Pair it with a cropped black jacket for the office and then remove it for evening. Perfect.


Lust: What shoes would I wear with the above dress? These Pour La Victoire Bianca Booties I have been coveting for a while now. Actually, I think I would wear these with a lot already in my closet.


Lust: I wrote about these earlier this week and I am still obsessed with the Genevieve Jones Wishing Safety Pin Earrings. Mind you she is out of the white diamond version and might not get more anytime soon. So maybe if we all bombard her with requests she will make more for us quickly (please help my cause). There are colored diamond varieties available, but I'm a purist! I mean as pure as one can be with punkish safety pins in one's ears.


Must: I'm really not a flip-flop kinda girl (I pray the ugly Fit-Flop fad of last summer is over), but these Tory Burch black patent Miller thongs really speak to me. You gotta love a shoe you can just toss on an run out the door in a jiffy and these fit the bill. I will wear them with everything. I just know it. and seriously, how many pairs of Reva flats can one person have? (Don't ask).


Must: As you can tell by now, I'm all about big bags this summer. I am also trying to break myself from high-end designer bags, you know, anything that costs over $1500. When I saw this gorgeous Jerome Dreyfuss Large Billy Bag at one of my favorite boutiques in NYC, Ludivine…I knew I just had to have it. For one, you can fit a small village in it. Two, I love soft suede even in the summer. Three, the color is divine.


Must: This is more of a necessity. Somehow during one of my many moves over the past several years, I lost my Burberry trench and I never bothered to replace it with anything of quality. I have a DKNY elastic waist parka thing that my husband cringes every time he sees and threatens to throw away (paired with my Hunter boots it really is a frightful sight, I must agree). I think my husband will approve of this MaxMara Shawl Collar Raincoat which is even better from the back and conservative enough that I will get many years of use out of it, unless I lose it.

All I need are a few Gap t-shirts and shorts and I think I have summer covered.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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2 Responses to Summer ’09. My Lusts and Musts…What I Wish Was In My Closet Now

  1. Carol says:

    Cool items – I am into shoes and I am surprised I like the BCBGs too! They have a bootie-like quality – secure for city walking. I saw a girl in my building getting off the elevator wearing the Tory Burch flip flop (only with a gold emblem) and I was surprised how they looked really great…kinda dressy!

  2. joiji says:

    Loving the BCBG jumpsuit and the Mulberry Shimmy. They go great together!

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