Celebrity Televison. Queen Bee Anna Wintour: Is She For Real?

May 19, 2009 • Lifestyle


Did you catch the measly twelve-minute 60 Minutes segment with Anna Wintour? If you didn't, you missed the Queen Bee's interview with Morley Safer which, in my opinion, only makes Ms. Wintour look more over-the-top then we thought!

We realize the interview was edited way down. Outtakes from the scene have become available on CBS and NYMag reposted them on their blog 'The Cut'. When we saw them, we thought Anna was in for a whipping from the popular mag blog but they played nice, saying the outtakes: "…only make clearer how confident Anna is in
her stances on controversial subjects like fur and too-thin models in
the fashion industry, and how ready she is to defend them."

Best quote: “I don’t like to travel with security, but it got to the
point when I was having thrown pies and rice and fake blood and all
sorts of things thrown at me," she says. "And it just became easier to
use the security. I mean, was I going to not have security and not wear
fur? No way.”

Not wear fur for your own personal safety and the safety of others around you? How dare you even suggest such a thing?!

And of course, the comment to Oprah, asking her to lose weight for the Vogue cover. She relays to her interviewer that it was only a "gentle suggestion" and then
makes sure to defend the comment by saying that the cover turned out to be one of the most successful in Vogue history. So I guess you were right Anna? Oprah did need to lose weight for the cover to be successful?

Is Anna Wintour really The Devil Wears Prada? Well, she seems very fairly amicable in the interview–but we beg to differ. Along with her role as Vogue ediitrix, she has a meaty role as a celebrity personality and she's sinking her teeth in. In other words, is Anna Wintour a bitch? Well, during the interview she did an incredible job covering up her true tendencies.

More juicy dish: It has since been reported that CBS has taken down those outtakes on their website. Could this be Ms. Anna's doing?

– Simona Kogan

Source: The Cut

Photo: Wireimage

–Simona Kogan

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