Designer Dish. Valentino Speaks Out Against Met Gala Fashion

May 19, 2009 • Fashion

20090518_vale_250x375 "I think now all the girls look very ugly."

A succinct and non too subtle statement from retired designer Valentino speaks volumes on his take of current fashion trends. A recent article in The Guardian provided an outlet for the fashion legend to vent a bit on how couture-clad celebrities have been consistently letting him down, taking a particular strike at the daring pieces that were seen on the red carpet of the Metropolitan Costume Institute's Gala in April. "I saw the pictures of the Metropolitan gala (in New York) last week and I never saw something more ugly," he laments in the article, "all the girls have their legs out with the most terrible proportions."

The article showcases some famously infamous characteristics of the designer that can also be seen in his documentary, Valentino: The Last Emperor. One such trait that he has always been known for is dishing out many a scathing truth and applying a straightforward, sometimes brutal approach in expressing his opinions-an attitude that served as an ironic juxtaposition with his gentle, feminine, and artful designs.

Since his recent retirement he has found a way to keep himself in the haute couture loop through projects such as the popular documentary that came out last year and a coffee table book that debuted this past winter. Although the designer claims not to miss the industry that he had such a titanic effect on for over four decades, he has been enjoying the publicity of his new enterprises and has been using them to sneak in bits of his trademark perspective. And while we have to agree with at least the first part of his Met Gala statement on the bevy of fashion disasters, his fixation with leg proportions-a theme also discussed at length in the documentary-leaves us a little confused. If we all followed Valentino's philosophy then only a woman with model-like proportions would be allowed to show off her legs. And if he scoffed at the likes of Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz, where does that leave the rest of us? Well, at least we can all agree on the puffy-sleeved tux. 

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-Alia Rajput

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