WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

May 22, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Bad Fashion is a global cause that touches many different countries. With the Cannes Film Festival taking place this week and so many international celebrities in one place, it was only time before fashion disasters of epic proportion would be discovered. From the dressed down, to the way over-dressed, to the just plain WTF-here is our version of International Bad Fashion Week.

Katy Perry at the House of Mollinari Birthday Party at H Wood in L.A.

Comment: When is it ever a good idea to pair a leather bustier with a sequined skirt if you are not a drag queen or in a Halloween costume? Katy can be beloved for her retro-edgy style but this is neither and the worst part? Those 'barely there, but yes we can still see them' tights.

She's Thinking: Is the blue eyeliner too much?

Diane Kruger at the Amfar Cinema Against Aids Benefit in Cannes, France

Comment: Although Diane is on her home continent of Europe, she is not doing a very good job of representing her people. This half-structured, half-pleated, lacy piece is not the most flattering proportion we have seen on her. The voluminous bottom half doesn't do well to complement the bodice and the bow makes it almost reminiscent of Humpty Dumpty about to have his great fall.

She's Thinking: I've hit the big time now, I can afford to dress badly.

Sarah-Jane Clark at the Madison 'Sex, Frocks, and Rock N' Roll Party" in Sydney, Australia

Comment: Holy Cow! She should have read the invitation and worn a dress. Not really sure which piece stands out more than the others-the biking shorts, the sarong, the mesh sweater, the feathered necklace-but they all serve their own purpose in creating this mess of an ensemble. At least if she gets lost in the bush on her way home she will scare away any wild animals and have plenty of fabric to pitch a tent.

She's Thinking: The critics are gonna fry me for sure about these shoes.

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Phoebe Price at the "Bright Star" and the "Looking For Eric" Premieres in Cannes, France

Comment: Repeat Offender! Different dress, same wild accessories. Oh, the hat. The feathers! Good old Phoebe is always game to push the envelope in cringe-worthiness. Here are two stellar examples within 24 hours of each other. I can't even tell if the aluminum prom dress is two pieces but it appears to be an overall assault on the senses. After our corneas have recovered we can feast our eyes on her shimmering turquoise confection-though, I feel like it's missing something. Perhaps a black censored bar.

She's Thinking: Anyone else feel a draft?

Lady Isabella Harvey at the D Squared Sunglasses Boutique Launch in Cannes, France

Comment: Enough with the exposure! Sure if you are able to have endowments that allow you to pull off this kind of top then why not? Well the answer would be then wear an actual top,not a spandex-y one piece jumpsuit with a belt laying under the natural waistline. Sure it may elongate the torso but the puddling effect at your feet doesn't do much for length. And between the exposed navel and the cris-crossed straps, I just don't know how this 'Lady' was able to earn her title in the first place.

She's Thinking: Who needs double-sided tape anyway?

Photo Source: wireimage

-Alia Rajput

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  1. Marie Denee says:

    Definitely a hot mess! LOL!

  2. I wonder what happened to these gorgeous celebrities. From their dress it does not seem they were in their right frame of mind. :O

  3. hanna says:

    holy F that sarah jane clarck one is creepy. Its like something my grandma would dare go out in public in! <':(

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