Ask the Bean: Fighting the Gladiators

May 24, 2009 • Magazine

Ask the Bean: Fighting the Gladiators

Ask the Bean: Fighting the Gladiators

Sun, 2009-05-24 06:00

Dear Bean:

I see them everywhere, but I just can’t get into the trend of gladiator sandals. I adore new shoe trends, especially in the summer, but is there any of this type of trend out there that doesn’t look so…historic?

Trend Wary

Dear Wary:

I agree, gladiators have taken the sandal trend by storm. However, some sandals are a little too similar in my opinion to those worn during the Ancient Roman era. That look is fantastic for that of a toga party, however for an afternoon of shopping or happy hour attire, it should be kept in the costume bin.

Yet some designers have taken the inspiration of the gladiator sandal to create some amazing pieces of footwear. Finding them and differentiating them between past and future can promise a quest, but its successful completion is a just reward for the journey.

It is necessary to keep a few things in mind while succumbing to the latest of the sandal trend. First, if it reminds you of something you’ve seen in a period film or a history book, I suggest moving on to find another pair. Keep in mind that the gladiator sandal trend doesn’t promote you copying the fashion of the gladiators themselves; take note of the first three sandals pictured here.

Whereas the trend of straps, ankle wraps, and flat sandals can be turned into some of the most fashion-forward looks of the season!

Whatever the era, one should never succumb to a trend that one is not happy to wear. Your footwear should make you feel like skipping down the sidewalk, not like cringing at the checkout counter. Before making your purchase, make sure you love the look and love the style, and then turn it into a trend of your own.

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