Celebrity Designers. Well, It Could Be Better Than Lauren Conrad.

May 26, 2009 • Fashion


Could it be? Was there ever really a time where drugged-up singer Amy Winehouse was considered a muse for Karl Lagerfeld? Well yes, he sent his models down the runway with beehives. Apparently, she was also fashion royalty for Robert Cavalli and Jonathan Kelsey designed the "Amy" shoe in her honor.

But since she hasn't been much of the singing world lately, we thought all this fashion hoo-haa was just fashion faux pas and Amy was out of the picture where style was concerned, choosing to look like white trash with plastic hair then a fashion icon.

So no one's breath gasped more then mine when I heard she was in talks to design a collection for Brit fashion winner PPQ—the same brand worn by ultra-high fashion chic Rihanna and the trendy Peaches Geldof.


But Amy Winehouse? Spandex wearing, Skinny as a twig, tattoo covered, junkie boyfriend in jail Amy Winehouse? Yes, apparantly there have been talks with Amy to do a collection for the brand, says Amy Molyneaux, one part of the design duo that is PPQ, told the UK's Grazia Daily.

Amy will be involved in the creative process and the whole collection with have high-end statement pieces and be distributed online.

The line will definitely pay homage to Amy's look, PPQ's Molyneaux says. Does that mean metal ankle bracelets and wife beaters?

I don't know if I'm so eager to see this!

Source: GraziaDaily.co.uk, The Cut, ONTD

Photos: Femalefirst.co.uk, People, FrontRowCenter.wordpress.com

–Simona Kogan

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