Beauty Buzz. Essie and Ripka Team Up For Bottled Bling

May 26, 2009 • Beauty


Essie's Queen of Hearts polish from the Judith Ripka-inspired line that will debut later this summer

Attention ladies who love to sparkle: Even in these tough times, there are still ways to bag some bling. We have just uncovered a new collaborative project underway between nail polish guru Essie Weingarten and fine jewelry extraordinaire Judith Ripka. Weingarten, founder and president of her namesake line of Essie polishes, was inspired by the elegant taste and craftsmanship of the jewelry designer and was determined to find some way to tie the sparklers into her polish. “Judith loves diamonds as much as I do, and she is known for her beautiful jewelry designs with precious and semiprecious stones — so the tie-in made sense,” Weingarten told WWD late last week.

After much tinkering with various concepts, it was finally decided that each polish in the new line would be infused with diamond dust and labeled with gem-appropriate names such as a soft pink called Put a Ripka Ring on it, a rich burgundy named I Heart My JR Jewels, and a classic red simply titled Queen of Hearts. As an added bonus, and this is the kicker that will have us marking our calendars for the August debut, three bottles will actually contain semi-precious stones! One will have a diamond, one a sapphire, and one an emerald. "What’s not to love about buying a $15 bottle of nail polish that might have a diamond, sapphire or emerald in it?” Weingarten inquired in her interview-a valid point to which we couldn't agree more. It's like a trip to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory except infinitely better. But before you start planning your diamond hunt, Weingarten explained the first addition of packaging to the bottles in the form of soft touch boxes. This was planned in order deter people from trying to scope out the bottled gems before purchase.

And even if we don't find the stones, the diamond infusions are an indulgence enough on their own. Without being too sparkly, the dust is said to provide a soft, elegant glow to the new line. It will also allow the colors to stay rich and vibrant longer on nails. This collaborative venture will be the first to be broadly distributed for Essie polishes. When the line debuts in August (the actual date is still to be determined), it will be sold in beauty supply stores nationwide including Ulta, Canyon Ranch, and Miraval, as well as in various salons and spas.

Article and Photo Source: WWD, Courtesy Photo
-Alia Rajput

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