Candies Announces Palin, Spears as Role Models for Teens

May 27, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Britney Spears as the new spokesmodel for Candies

We all know that scandal sells. Many celebrities who have been caught in compromising positions have had to forfeit endorsement deals or drop out of ad campaigns. But with a growing trend of celebrity mishaps that are actually marketable, many companies are seemingly wondering-should we book a star before they commit a public blunder or because of one?

Tween icon company Candies is one such company that seems to follow this new platform of marketing celebrities. They recently announced Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin's daughter and focal point of last year's teen pregnancy scandal (or one of them at least) to become the spokeswoman for the company's annual campaign to prevent teen pregnancy. While the connection between media and market makes sense, one has to wonder-is there any other reason they would have picked this girl besides for the blatantly public pregnancy? Her celebrity was truly carved from a scandalous sequence of events, yet Candies seems to believe they can turn that into a profit. I guess Jamie Lynn Spears must have turned them down.

Speaking of Spears, Candies did manage to wrangle her older sister Britney as the the new face for the brand. Previous spokesmodels have included a few more publicly innocent starlets like Hilary Duff and Taylor Swift-stars that were seemingly more relate-able to Candies target demographic than the scandal-savvy Spears. But again, her various slipups in the public eye seemed to have earned her status as an extreme advertising asset. Afterall, any company would want to grab the face of someone who earned, "more than one billion media impressions and thousands of blogs, teen magazine and tabloid mentions day and night,” according to media ratings agencies Cisionpoint, Quantcast, and WWD. This makes her one of the most globally recognizable faces next to, say, Oprah. We already know that everything Oprah touches turns to gold, perhaps Miss Spears will have the same effect. Though as a role model to teens, I think the divorced, twenty-something mother of two status may just let the sugar-coated image out of the bag.

Article and Photo Source: WWD

– Alia Rajput

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