Beauty Treatment. The Sun Kissed Glow of Summer

May 29, 2009 • Beauty


Kelley Epps-Woods for Second City Style Magazine

This season's look is all about a healthy glow and the sun kissed look of summer. It is no longer the typical metallic shine of the past. Now it is more subtle and matte. The matte bronze look gives your skin the illusion of healthy tanned skin.
Most popular during the summer months you can still apply this makeup
all year round for a fresh faced look, without looking like you spent
too many hours in the sun. 

For the faint of heart that would just like a healthy dose of color, try a liquid bronzer like, MAC Lustre Drops Bronzer.
Rub it in with your daily moisturizer using a damp sponge to achieve a
healthy glow. Apply it to the neck as well to avoid the two-toned
effect. For more enhancement apply a matte bronzer like Cargo Medium Matte Bronzer or Guerlain's Terracota Matte Bronzer Powder to the outer areas of your face, cheeks, chin and nose. 

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    thanks for posting this. My girlfriend is now in love with this make-up. I owe you

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