Chanel Becomes Inspiration for the Ultimate Style Ride

May 29, 2009 • Fashion


Welcome to the wave of the future. Is this what it's going to entail? Photos have just been released of the newest haute couture endeavor by inspired by the luxe retailer Chanel-a car! South Korean car designer Jinyoung Jo created a Chanel concept car and named it Fiole, or French for vial. The name seems to embody the space age vehicle, with it's oddly oblong shape and pristine, glass-like finish. Opting for maximum style and comfort over practicality, the Fiole offers crystal-encrusted Chanel's double-c logo on both the front of the car and on the rims of the wheels. Honestly, who cares if it even drives? Though Karl Lagerfield would probably love to get his hands on one of these the car isn't actually going to be sold, but featured instead as part of the designer's artistic portfolio. What's next, a bike by Hermes? Oh wait-there's already one of those.


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—Alia Rajput

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