Flutter Lash Studio Chicago. Go Ahead, Flutter Your Lashes…

May 29, 2009 • Beauty

Judith B Photography

If I was stranded on a dessert island and could only have one beauty item… it no longer would be mascara! That's how I feel now that I have eyelash extensions from Flutter Lash Studio.

Now I can wake up with thick full eyelashes. I never have to worry
about smearing, flaking or removing mascara. I can shower, swim, work
out and sweat without fear of raccoon eyes. Best part? I wont have "bald eyes"
without make-up!

Here is where it began…Iggy Garcia recently opened Flutter Lash Studio a one-of-a-kind boutique devoted entirely to eyelash and eyebrow maintenance at North and Clybourn in Chicago. The lofty studio is newly renovated and comfortable. She showed me plush sofa settings and several different private rooms for clients, groups and bridal groups. Soon Flutter will be hosting make-up classes. Iggy wants these parties to be informative and fun – a girlfriends get together where everyone can bring in their own makeup and learn tips and techniques from a professional. She wants the place to feel like a home, and along with her very calm and sweet demeanor I think it certainly has that appeal.

How it's done – Iggy Garcia performs her artistry for a client.  Judith B Photography

Iggy wrapped me in a cozy blanket. Tranquil music was playing while I was relaxing on a soft bed while she gently removed every bit of my mascara and began the tedious process of applying the lashes. A single, synthetic strand is dipped in adhesive and applied one by one, to each individual eyelash. This was pleasant and painless. I could have fallen asleep while she was working.

Xtreme Lashes® eyelash extensions in different sizes

Iggy uses and trains with Xtreme Lashes® eyelash extensions, which she finds to be an amazing product from an innovative company. Xtreme Lashes® come in different thicknesses, length and curls so they can be expertly applied to give different looks, and she can change up a client's look ever so slightly when doing touch ups by using different lashes. The synthetic, polyester lashes mimic the natural eyelash because of the tapered edges.


Some tips about getting lash extensions:

It takes around 2 hours for a full set of extensions – allow for the time.

You can't get water on your face (or work out) for 24 hours so that
the adhesive will set. After that you can swim and sweat to your hearts
content. So yes, you can use a cold cream or toner to wash your face
and avoid the eye area.

It is okay for contact lens wearers to get extensions, but bring a case to remove them while they are being applied.

The extensions can be removed, but why would you want to?

You can apply mascara only at the tips, but you really won't need to at all!

Once a full set is in place, If cared for properly, results will last indefinitely, with touch-ups every two to three weeks. Full set of lashes is from $275 – $475, follow ups are $125-$150 per hour.

Avoid oil based eye makeup removers. You can get Xtreme Lashes® Eye Make Up Remover, which is formulated for extensions, at Flutter Lash

My "Before" (with mascara and makeup!) and "After" (with NO mascara very little makeup!)

My "After" without any makeup!

My new lashes are similar to how I tried to get my lashes to look by using mascara only now they are even fuller. Iggy said "I love watching women walk out of my salon because they are always beaming.” Well in my case, I was so excited did a little line dance out the door, flipped my head around … and fluttered my lashes!

The Flutter Lash Studio Team.  Judith B Photography

Flutter Lash Studio
1627 N. Clybourn
"Don't Forget…to flutter your lashes"

— Carol Calacci

All other photos: Second City Style

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    way to go iggy. congrats, michael from spain

  2. Ashley says:

    You can’t get water on your face (or work out) for 24 hours so that the adhesive will set. I agree but u cant use in child eyes.

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