Lifetime Changes Guest Judges, But Little Else About Project Runway

May 29, 2009 • Lifestyle

Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn try to "make it work" with Lifetime

Following a barrage of outraged responses after Project Runway's move from Bravo to Lifetime was announced, the gentle, miniseries-loving cable network made some wise choices. Lifetime executives have decided that the nine month Runway break, a result of the messy legal battles that occurred while the network struggled to obtain the show, was enough punishment for Runway's loyal fan base. Therefore they are leaving all aspects of the cult favorite alone — judges, set, logo, colors, the whole shebang.

The only elements that will really differ between the upcoming season and ones in the past is that it will be shot in L.A. instead of New York. With the location change comes a new, albeit questionable array of options for guest judging. Names that have already been thrown around include Christina Aguilera, Rebecca Romijn, Eva Longoria Parker, and (gasp) Lindsey Lohan. This may be quite a departure from previous New York guest judges that included legitimate designers such as Diane Von Furstenburg and Roberto Cavalli, but may prove entertaining nonetheless.

Runway host Heidi Klum seemingly has mixed feelings about the decision since she had requested several changes be made and was turned down. Klum apparently thought the show could use a bit of a cosmetic makeover and had asked for a bigger runway, new seating for the judges, and a new overall color palette but was told sorry, but no by the seemingly nervous network. It seems one does not want to be on the bad side of Project Runway fans!

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—Alia Rajput

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