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June 1, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Not since The Met Costume Institute Gala have we seen so many mod minidresses,
fabulous shoes, and metallic styles all in one place!

We certainly had that and more at the insanely wild and insanely stylized MTV
Movie Awards, which this year seemed to be an homage to patent neon and
space age chic.

Don't forget about those ankle boots, gladiator booties, and stiletto heels.
This year we saw it all in the fancy shoe department–Converse All-Stars included.

I guess Bruno's fashion faux pas isn't the only thing everyone's talking about! 

Kristen Stewart

Yes, good ol' Kristen, in true Bella Swan form, stuck to her Converse with an interesting patterned mini and transparent collar.  Tried and true sultry sneaker statement–trying too hard, of course!

Here are the looks that made me gasp! In delight, naturally. Do you agree?


Megan Fox

Just love, love, LOVE the way this dress look, fits, and the shoes are glamorous!

Christian Serratos 

If you saw Twilight, then you know Miss Angela Weber wasn't so glam, but Christian sure is! I think she just look lovely here and I like this strapless sheer number.

Leighton Meester

We know from the Met that Leighton's a risk-taker. Luckily, it works here!

Jessica Cruickshank 

Jessica's sort of a virtual unknown. Unless you watch MTV Canada or The Hills After Show of course! This dress could have gone totally wrong, but it looks great on her. Love the asymmetrical draping, the yellow, and the shoes offer a nice, stylish statement finish.

Taraji P. Henson

The Academy Award nominee and Curious Case of Benjamin Button star knows what works for her body, and what's great about this dress is that the dress is so little but it oozes sass and speaks volumes!

Ashley Tisdale

Not loving Ashley's hair so much, but I do love the patent blue sheen of this dress, the interesting belt, and those shoes are just beautiful.

Jenna Dewan 

The dancer, actress and former fling of Justin Timberlake (and now engaged to TK) starlet found a beautiful strapless tube mini that hugs her in all the right places.

The next group didn't wow, but we applaud them for trying…

Paris Hilton

We all know Paris can go a little too far sometimes, but this dress is not over-the-top, the color is cool and it works well on her.

Sienna Miller

Critics were loving this dress and yes, the color is great on Sienna, but there were better out there.

Rumer Willis

This could have been a fashion no-no and it almost was–I think Rumer's youth can help her pull it off and its daring without being overdone.

Kristen Bell

Nothing spesh, but really nice. I'm like the long necklace and charm. It's a nice addition.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra's trying to keep up with the twentysomethings. Fortunately for her, it works here, although I think she could have done better.

Ashley Greene

The dress works, the hair doesn't.  Still, maybe this Twilight star should have switched places with Sandra Bullock.

Miley Cyrus

No, the fashion police don't need to be called. Not a total faux pas. I like the draping at the color, but I'm used to seeing Miley dress her age–and she doesn't here!

It's all downhill from here…

Some tried too hard. Some didn't try at all.  Some just didn't look right.


Lauren Conrad

Ughh! The dress is so wrong in so many ways. Too frou-frou, strange colors, and LC's makeup is just a little too dark. I'm not even liking the shoes so much–though they're the best part of the outfit.

Audrina Patridge

Audrina has a tight little bod–and usually she dresses accordingly. This dress doesn't really fit her well and the color with her blond highlights just make her look washed out!

Whitney Port

Again, nothing special, though not totally off-base. The dress sort of bunches in all the wrong places. 

Stephanie Pratt

I do not like the bottom half. If Steph really wanted to do feathers, she should have done them all over. I'm thinking this dress makes her look big below! 

Vanessa Hudgens

This could have been a great dress. The color is beautiful on Vanessa. And in a sea of minis, I like that she went longer. Unfortunately, it does not fit her well AT ALL. The dress hangs on her if you noticed from this shot and others, the bottom slits in both back and front were cut in weird places.

Miranda Cosgrove 

What is going on here? Wrong, wrong, WRONG! Is this teen wearing grandmother shoes? Next!

Cameron Diaz

The shoes are cool, but I'm not a fan of two different shades of blue. If she's going to wear electric blue shoes and skinny pants, Cameron should have gone for a louder top–or at least one that matches better.

Caridee English

The one-time America's Next Top Model winner is always trying a little too hard every time I see her. Here is no exception. I do not like the shoes and I do not like the weird neon orange-pink of this ensemble. The one-sleeve cut is nice, she should have gone with a dark hue.

Jayde Nicole

This isn't the Oscars. Brody Jenner's girlfriend needs to remember that.

Kristen Quintrall 

UGHHHHH is al I can say. These no-names need to stop trying too hard–unless you can make it work like Hills After Show host Jessica at the top. 

Hayden Panettiere

I guess there's nothing really wrong with this dress per say…but Hayden has been known for dressing too old and I don't like the top half.

Leann Rimes

Again, a case of dressing for the wrong awards show. These ladies should know where they're going. I also don't like the way the sleeves are cut, the velvet texture, or that mermaid hem.

Lil Mama

Well, at least she's not wearing a top hat! The shoes could be nice, but not with a poofy bright blue strapless. Are we still in middle school?

Malin Akerman

This is not the event for a white business suit, I don't care how futuristic the undershirt or how low cut the blazer.


Monique Coleman 

I think this could have worked if it was all one length. This High School Musical actress just kills it with the overlap and the tulle bottom.

Photos: Wireimage

–Simona Kogan

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