Chicago Style Events. Behind the Scenes at SoKo’s ‘Fashion Rocks’ Fashion Show

June 2, 2009 • Events

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A couple months ago, I was very excited to find out that I would be participating in a fashion show hosted by Chicago boutique SoKo Fashion and Chicago Avenue Salon. The show was scheduled with a live band, and geared toward featuring "nontraditional" models to better represent the boutique's customer base. This was so refreshing to hear because at 5'1 on a good day—I'm not exactly your typical runway form. But I'm always up for trying something new, especially when it involves new clothes!

It didn't take too long to leave my comfort zone, as I began to really think about what I had signed up to do. As a writer in a fashion show, all I could see was the image of Carrie Bradshaw taking a nosedive on the runway in Sex and the City and couldn't help but wonder if I would become "Fashion Roadkill" as well. Luckily, the relaxed and laidback attitude of all the organizers, coupled with their persistence for us all to have fun, eventually eased my frazzled nerves.

The show took place at Darkroom in Chicago's Ukrainian Village on Sunday night and all the models were told to arrive five hours early for rehearsals and then hair and makeup by all the stellar talent at Chicago Avenue Salon. What I can imagine to be similar to most fashion shows, there were some unforeseen complications. The sound tech did not show up for the band on time, there was a last minute cancellation by one of the models, and the time constraints on hair and makeup required 8 models, 5 stylists, a million hair tools, and a wardrobe rack to share the same crammed space.

It was pretty crowded getting everyone's hair…

…and makeup done in the small dressing room!

That's me in full makeup and getting primped!

Feasting on pizza before the show—probably not the best idea but we were starving!

By showtime, all of us who were modeling were perfectly painted, coiffed, and stuffed from the twelve pizzas that were generously delivered. The turnout was great, the band sounded amazing, and whatever reservations I had experienced melted out onto the catwalk as I strutted my stuff with all the other fierce fashionistas.



That's Me!


The show was a wonderful success due to the incredible style and talent of all the organizers and participants. I got to work the runway in some chic summer trends and now I guess I can check this experience off of my 'Life List' and go back to covering the runway in print. That is, of course, unless Tom Ford decides to use vertically challenged supermodels for his next collection.

SoKo Fashion
1925 W. Chicago Ave. (Chicago/Damen)
(773) 592-1089
Tuesday-Sunday 11 a.m.—7 p.m.

Chicago Avenue Salon
1941 W. Chicago Ave. (Chicago/Damen)
(312) 421-0336

Photo Source: Second City Style

-Alia Rajput

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