Hooked On Make Me A Supermodel: Now I’ll Be The Judge

June 3, 2009 • Lifestyle

Carol_As_Perou_ It's because of Project Runway I have become completely hooked on watching Bravo including everything from Millionaire Match Maker to Million Dollar Baby Boy Realtors (or whatever that show was called). So no doubt on my "must see" list, especially since this is an industry-related show, is Make Me a Supermodel.

Why do I think I am addicted? Every Wednesday I take great delight in sitting back, usually eating jellybeans while criticizing these models, "oh, no he's too heavy, her proportions are not right, she was ugly there, his face looked terrible…wrong! wrong! wrong!" I should just put on a big pair of diving goggles, use a British accent and pop a traffic cone on my head because I'm acting like Perou! It's so much better to judge than be judged…

But I am thrilled that the final three are men (I get sort of sick of women in the fashion industry) and two of them are not even gay! Jonathan is married and Branden drools over women like he's driving with the top down on the first day of spring. As for Sandhurst, I don't really know what his deal is (sexual preference-wise) nor do I care, so can't I just look at him?

So, it is down to three finalists and who do I think will win?
Hands down Lauren and I have been saying it will be Jonathan with his perfect body (did I say it was perfect?) and professionalism, but Sandhurst caught my eye from the start with his elegant look and dancer's walk. When I think "Supermodel" I think of someone like Kate Moss who really isn't perfect (hey, calm down, I can say it, remember I'm still in the Perou glasses.) However Kate has that little extra memorable thing about her… and I believe it is for that reason why young Branden is still in the running.

They are all such likable guys (and it's so cute how they are now all friends) which makes me want them all to win! So I will do what I always do whenever I am faced with a big important decision such as choosing an automobile, condo, boyfriend…or shoes. I make a list of criteria, use a rating system and see which one will come out on top!

Johnathan Jonathan
Face: 8
Body: 10
Photos: 8
Walk: 9
Professionalism: 10
Personality: 9
Kate Moss Factor or "that little extra memorable thing":  7 (I hate to say it but he's just a little low in this category)


Face: 9
Body: 9 (He would get a 10+ from me under normal circumstances, but for a model he may have some fit issues with being too big, especially in the legs)
Photos: 8
Walk: 9
Professionalism: 9
Personality: 9
Kate Moss Factor or "that little extra memorable thing": 8


Face: 10
Body: 7 (He won't have problems fitting but his lean look is a little birdlike – sorry! He would get a 9+ from me under normal circumstances)
Photos: 7
Walk: 8
Professionalism: 8
Personality: 9
Kate Moss Factor or "that little extra memorable thing": 10

I'm nervous to tally this up! I am doing this on the spot, and here are the results…I kid you not… I came up with a tie between Jonathan and Sandhurst, and Branden is not far behind… which means anything can happen!

Final Scores
Jonathan: 61 points, Sandhurst: 61 points,  Branden: 59 points

So now that this didn't help at all, I will just have to "Watch What Happens" tonight!

Make Me A Supermodel Season Finale!
Wednesday June 3, 2009 10pm EST / 9pm CST

—Carol Calacci
Runway Photos: bravotv.com

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3 Responses to Hooked On Make Me A Supermodel: Now I’ll Be The Judge

  1. SusaninWP says:

    Carol, I’m not even in the industry, and I love this show for many of the reasons you do. Reality shows where people are “doing their thing” instead of just being “celebrities” or raking each other over the coals are so much more interesting to watch. (Are you listening, TV programming gurus?)
    My guess is that Jonathan will win. We’ll see! (And my snack of choice while watching will be a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich.)

  2. Carol says:

    I think you may be right – now we have it on record that you think Jonathan will win! I’m so nervous for tonight – and now I’m dying for a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich!

  3. Lauren - Second City Style says:

    I think this is Jonathan’s to lose tonight. Personally I will be eating pizza. No wait. That’s for America’s Next Top Model. Maybe some Ben & Jerry’s light tonight!

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