Target bares it’s Sweet Tooth for Daily Candy

June 3, 2009 • Shopping

Yesterday brought the official announcement that the rumors are indeed true: Target has paired up with hip, lifestyles site Daily Candy to create a co-branded online store called the Red Hot Shop. The two enterprises have had a long standing advertising relationship and recently decided that the online shop, which combines Target's products with the quirky voice of Daily Candy, would be productive venture for both.


The store, which can be found on, will feature products by up and coming designers handpicked by Daily Candy editors. In addition to choosing the products highlighted on the site, DC will also rate and provide feedback on the products. Also, in keeping with the theme of the lighthearted and feminine decor that appears on Daily Candy, the Red Hot Shop includes the lifestyle site's signature pastel palette, cutesy logos, and witty headlines.

The shop actually started out a few months ago, but
was only reachable through 41d21RrJBaL._SL200_ sponsored emails sent by Daily Candy, or through ads
on in the newsletters and on the site.
But now the online shop is publicly available, complete with it's DC makeover. Target really tried to integrate the tone of Daily Candy in order to reach out to a younger, and seemingly more hip, demographic. The products that the DC editors pick seems to suggest that. Kitschy, pop culture items like an octopus wall hanger, a teardrop-shaped iPod speaker, a tooth fairy kit, and tree-shaped wall decals make up much of the Red Hot merchandise.

 So how much does each business benefit from this new collaborative project? Aly Racer, vice president of sales for Daily Candy describes the Red Hot Shop as a, "partnership with an ad commitment," though neither retailer nor website will discuss the value of the deal or what the actual terms are. So we'll leave the business to them and get started on our own profitable venture: bringing in the bucks with our brand new snowcone stand, compliments of Red Hot Shop.


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-Alia Rajput

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