Bad Judgement Du Jour. Say No to Scrunchies!

June 5, 2009 • Fashion


Is American Apparel trying to reestablish it's reputation following that messy Woody Allen lawsuit? If so, here's a tip for their marketing team: scrunchies are not the way back into our hearts! The basic separates apparel company just launched a new campaign featuring the accessory in an attempt to revitalize their hype. They are currently offering a wide variety of the glorified hair ties, including neon, lame, zebra and tribal printed—407 different types altogether! Who knew so many scrunchie options existed? Who wants to know? Seemingly not many because so far the only press that the scrunchies movement is getting are pleas for it to end before it begins. Yet other 80s throwback styles that American Apparel have featured like bodysuits, leggings, and acid wash jeans are now mainstream fashion again—could this actually be a trendsetting hallmark moment?………nah.

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—Alia Rajput

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