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June 5, 2009 • Magazine


Fashion bloggers were outraged on Tuesday when beloved Brit blogger Susie Bubble announced she had taken down the kooky pictures of herself in a Pam Hogg  futuristic catsuit. The pictures, signature elements of Bubble's fashion forward site, depicted the blogger and her boyfriend both dressed in Hogg's designs and making playful, though inoffensive gestures. Once the designer found out the pics had been posted on a blog she flipped and asked Bubble to take down the shots, though not in a very nice way. Apparently, Hogg's reps accused Bubble of violating intellectual property rights by posting photos of an item she had not purchased in what they referred to as an "uncontrolled environment"—in other words a (gasp!) fitting room. They went one step further by blasting Bubble's site as "bad publicity" for Hoggs' line.

Bubble did take down the so called offensive images but sought her vengeance in the most effective way she knew how. Her Tuesday blog post was an honest and appropriately offended catalog of how the events had unfolded and the way Hogg's posse had made her feel. She writes, "I don't think I've ever felt quite so low in all my time blogging as
the point when they requested that I take down, calling it 'bad
publicity' and basically making me feel like I had no right to wear
that catsuit and not deemed worthy to go into her store or touch her
clothes." Though Bubbles did admit it was her fault for taking photos of the store's merchandise without proper permission, she thought it unnecessary (and she's right) that the designer's people dealt with the issue in a manner that was so condescending she ended up feeling like a scolded child.

However, Bubble remained objective to her audience claiming she wasn't angry and intentionally trying to get the designer back. She says, "I did not post this to inspire hate towards Hogg and her designs. It
was something I had to get off my chest because it was tight and tears
were stinging in my eyes at work and the only thing to do was type." In response she received dozens of comments lashing out against the
designer and inspiring many other blog points that raised points on
censorship, prejudices, and designer's control over their product. In the end she may have complied with the designer's request, yet Susie Bubble gets the last laugh on this one for the infinitely worse publicity the designer is subjected to now that the entire world knows how she treats her clientele.

To see Susie Bubble's scandalous shots, check out this article from Racked New York.

Article Source: Racked

Photo: Designer Pam Hogg in one of her signature, space age catsuits,

—Alia Rajput 

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