Pret Reporteur. Paris Never Changes

June 11, 2009 • Shopping


Gabbie Perez for Second City Style Magazine

I had mixed emotions preparing for my first trip back to the City of
Lights last week — what would my experience be like as a tourist, not
as a resident? However, I quickly came to understand what everyone has
always told me: Paris never changes. And surprisingly, this
includes this season’s fashion. I was shocked to not notice anything
novel, there was no great new trend I could take back to Chicago as my

Top Trends Spring 2009
Mixing Black and Neon: I can’t tell you how much of this I saw in Paris (and, of course, I absolutely loved
it!). The bright, bold color obsession is still hot in Paris (and won’t
be leaving my closet any time soon!). Most girls were sticking to a monochromatic black ensemble and accessorizing with statement pieces in neon colors.

Layers: Even in the heat of the summer — it reached 90 degrees during my stay — the French are still layering tanks, tops, and sweaters. There were a lot of summer leather jackets out there, ranging from black motorcycle styles to pretty suede trenches.

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