Diane Von Furstenberg Chooses Settlement for Alleged Copying Charge

June 12, 2009 • Fashion

The DVF jacket (right) was accused of having "extreme similarities" to the Mercy jacket (left)

A renown fashion designer and President of the Council of Fashion Designers of America is not going to get caught up in a messy court case that could jeopardize the integrity of her label. That seems to be exactly the line of thinking that Diane Von Furstenberg chose when deciding to settle out of court in a copying riff with Canadian label Mercury, which has resulted in her admittance to being at fault.

Though the designer is not exactly to blame, since both fabrics are copyrighted by their respective line and are not similar enough to be considered identical, Von Furstenberg has agreed to pay an undisclosed sum to the owners of Mercury, Jennifer Halchuk and Richard Lyle and stop selling the jacket. “I am devastated,” Diane told Counterfeit Chic, “but this can be a lesson for everyone.”

Von Furstenberg has openly supported the proposed federal Design Piracy Prohibition Act, and seems to agree wholeheartedly with a designer's right to their own creations. “While this is an isolated incident for DVF, it is unfortunate that way
too many others intentionally build businesses by stealing the work of
other designers,” Von Furstenberg said. The legendary designer handled the conflict with a grace and humility that has had both media and her devoted following admiring her more than ever. As for the Canadian designers, they also seem pleased with Von Furstenberg's quick and unfussy response to the issue. Halchuk noted, "I greatly appreciate DVF coming forward to resolve this issue in such a
forthright manner and for acknowledging our ownership of the jacket
design.” Uh, right.

Article Source: WWD, counterfeitchic.com
Photo Source: counterfeitchic.com
-Alia Rajput

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2 Responses to Diane Von Furstenberg Chooses Settlement for Alleged Copying Charge

  1. Deena says:

    How embarrassing for an established label like DVF. I know some heads must have rolled in their design studio because if it had been me I’d have been swinging that axe like a mad woman. Must say though, the DVB one looks a lot better and the one by Mercy looks like a dogs dinner. Just saying.

  2. Lauren - Second City Style says:

    Ha Deena,
    I couldn’t agree more! Just sayin’.

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