WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

June 12, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Spanish actress Assumpta Serna the the closing of "Madrid de Cine" in Madrid, Spain

Comment: It takes a brave soul to pair the signature Missoni print with anything, much less a fiery red, taffeta-looking jacket. Serna has way too much print going on with her ensemble and the brassiness of the jacket does not do too much to complement the copper tones of her hair (or maybe I'm just being picky). She should have let sleeping dogs lie, or this case let statement pieces speak for themselves.

Shes Thinking: Good thing I stayed monochromatic below the waist. Party on the top, business down below.

Katherine Moennig leaving the Hermitage Hotel in Monte Carlo

I'm all for actors and actresses not having to be "on" when they're on
their own time-but they do have to realize that celebrity does come
with a certain level of public exposure and it just won't do to look
like a grungy-early 90s throwback when signing autographs for fans.
That is, of course, if she's just practicing the image for a Kurt
Cobain biopic.

She's Thinking: Come as you are, as I want you to be, right?

Linda Ramone at "The Wizard of Oz" Exhibition's Opening Night Gala in L.A.

Comment: Speaking of images in music, here's one. Yes we all honor the late Joey Ramone for his influential contributions to the birth of the punk rock scene (which was coincidentally not the most chic music movement), but I don't mind his widow needs a rock matriarch makeover stat. As in, two decades ago. If Sharon Osbourne and Bianca Jagger can be fabulous over fifty then so can Linda.

She's Thinking: I need to be sedated.

George Lopez and his daughter Mayan Lopez at "The Wizard of Oz" Exhibiton's Opening Night Gala in L.A.

Comment: Ok, so I don't mean to target the kiddies, they're sure to grow into their style eventually. But I literally stopped in my tacks when I saw George Lopez's adorable daughter Mayan wearing (gasp!) pink terrycloth track suit and ratty sneakers to a gala. I don't care who it's for or how kid-friendly the cause is-the Care Bears would seemingly show up in couture for their own gala. The likes of Abigail Brelsen and Dakota Fanning have shown us that even in youth, one can still channel sophisticate style. This is just a throwback to a bad J.Lo video that probably came out before she was even born!

She's Thinking: All I need now is for P. Diddy to make me a star.

Stephanie Krieger and Georgette Mosbacher at the snow leopards new home in Central Park Zoo in New York City

Comment: You wouldn't be able to tell, from looking at them, but both of these women run their own successful business and and powerhouses of professionalism. They chose this event, for some reason, to play the role of Real Housewives of something or another. Both women are so beautiful but to swath yourself in that much bright fabric just doesn't do justice to the awesomeness that they both represent. And the teased hair is just too much. Real Housewives of Dallas perhaps? Circa 1981.

They're Thinking: Well the leopards are black and white so we'll bring our own shots of color!

Photo Source: wireimage

-Alia Rajput

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