Exfoliating Makeover for Smoother Summer Skin

June 13, 2009 • Magazine

Exfoliating Makeover for Smoother Summer Skin

Exfoliating Makeover for Smoother Summer Skin

Sat, 2009-06-13 06:00

Kelley Epps-Woods

Transform your dull skin into healthy glowing skin for summer. No more dry flaky skin and legs. It’s time to go bare. Let’s get your skin prepped and primed with an exfoliation makeover!

All types of skin, dry or normal, and even sensitive skin needs exfoliation. The lower levels of the skin needs to be revealed, so the top layer of dead skin should to be sloughed off to reveal the new skin cells. Exfoliation is also great for circulation and helps keeps skin clear from clogged pores and breakouts. 

There are a few types of exfoliation’s you can use for the smoothest skin including scrubs and polishes. 

Scrubs are made for more flaky or dry skin. However, these scrubs, depending on the granulation of the formula can even be used for the most sensitive, delicate skin. Scrubs can come in a regular granulated formula, or can be mixed with oils for maximum exfoliation, and moisture, like Dr. Ro’s Honey Almond Scrub. This soothing, creamy formula combines, honey, oat flour and almond meal for an ultra moisturizing, invigorating scrub, that leaves your skin super soft and refreshed.
For a combination of body butter and sugar scrub try Dr. Ro’s Sugar Shea Body Scrub. This delicious blend of grapefruit orange, canola oils and mango nut butter combined with vanilla smells good enough to eat! Infused with natural sugar cane and shea butter it makes skin soft and supple!
For sensitive skin, try Noodle and Boo’s Sugar Mama Honey Scrub. This scrub feels like a polish and has ultra fine sugar whipped into honey and shea butter, and is mildly exfoliating and packed with moisture. Your skin is left baby soft and is purely addictive. Feel free to skip the lotion. It’s that moisturizing!

Polishes are great for any skin type, and best for normal skin. Polishes are usually very fine, and act more as a ‘buffer’ than full exfoliation. Try Soft and Beautiful Skin Exfoliating Body Polish as great buffing scrub. Blended with sugar crystals and softening sunflower oil, this polish gently removes dry dull skin, to reveal softer skin. 
For a refreshing summer treat try The Body Shop’s Satsuma’s Body Polish. This gel-based foaming scrub is loaded with exfoliating crushed walnut shells and loofah particles. It has the refreshing scent of orange essential oil, that is known to uplift and energize. Leaving your skin with a boost of Vitamin C your skin will be nourished and moisturized. 

Tips for exfoliation: Try and use lukewarm water so that hot water will does not dry out your skin. Use your fingers and hands to move the scrub in a circular motion to slough off the dead skin, as well as enhance circulation. 

Moisturizing is key after exfoliation to protect from the sun, and high temperatures. After exfoliation soothing moisturizers, work best to soothe your skin. Try a soothing gel like Vaseline’s Aloe Fresh Body Gel. It has soothing, and healing aloe vera to refresh your skin  with light moisture.
After exfoliation your skin should be left smooth, silky and ready for those summer shorts and beach excursions!

1. Dr. Ro’s Honey Almond Scrub $30
2. Dr. Ro’s Sugar Shea Body Scrub $28
3. Noodle and Boo’s Sugar Mama Honey Scrub $26
4. Soft and Beautiful Skin Exfoliating Body Polish $8.49
5. The Body Shop’s Satsuma Body Polish $20
6. Vaseline’s Aloe Fresh Body Gel $20

Image Layout: La Tonya Williams

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