Project Runway Contestants Arrive in Manhattan, Filming Begins

June 18, 2009 • Lifestyle

The Atlas building in Manhattan where Project Runway's contestants will live during the show

It's official! We can't ignore the signs any longer—Project Runway's contestants for the upcoming season have arrived and filming is seemingly underway. It was reported that the contestants were seen settling into their stylish crib this past Tuesday. The digs, which are known as the Atlas building, is the same space that housed the designers last summer, and is located at 66 W. 38th Street, at Sixth Avenue in Manhattan. A New York Magazine source in the area reported that a sign had been posted by the elevators informing other residents of the building that the rooftop would be closed that day between noon and 9 p.m., seemingly for a first episode-esque session of filming. Later in the afternoon, apparent crew members were spotted entering the building carrying luggage that had tags confessing they had just come from JFK airport. After trying to be subtle in discovering their intentions, the source was able to gather from a crew member that they were in fact setting up for Project Runway and that the building was the site where the designers would be living for the next five weeks. Huzzah!

Article Source: newyorkmag
Photo Source: theobserver
-Alia Rajput

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