WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

June 19, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Kim Ellery at the Premier of Coco Avant Chanel in Sydney

Comment: We have to give Kim Ellery some props for her eclectic taste and mixing of various fabrics. Yet we also have to blame her for it. Although the idea of baggy, leather trousers may sound good in theory, the real picture dictates otherwise, especially when they hit the awkward ankle-length mark. And we're just not sure what to make of the one-shoulder fur wrap draped like she just came back from the hunt. Where's the LBD and pearls to mark the occasion?

She (should be) Thinking: WWCD (What Would Coco Do?)

Padma Lakshmi at "Late Show With David Letterman" in New York City

Comment: As another example of length gone wrong on a beautiful woman, Padma should have known better with this ensemble. Between her shape and her skin tone, the choices are virtually limitless as to what would look great on her. She could easily pull off a palette ranging from pastels to neon. But the rosy brown tones of the pantsuit make her more washed out than standout and the high cut in the waist, coupled with the longer length in the legs results in a look that's, sorry to say Pad, just not flattering. 

Comment: I'll call this color 'Cinnamon and Spice'.

Model Hana Soukupova at the Whitney Contemporaries Art Party and Auction, New York City

Comment: At what point in a modeling career does one pass the threshold of rational thought? And does it coincide with the moment one feels they've finally 'arrived'? This seems to the case with many high fashion offenders. Soukupova seemingly believes being a model gives her license to forgo such social conventions as never wearing jeweled underwear in public unless you are Heidi on the runway or Madonna in the eighties.

She's Thinking: Um, what was the question?

Nina Moric at 'Sfilata D'Amore E Moda' in Comacchio, Italy

Comment: After strutting the runway in some of Italy's most cutting edge couture, this is the outfit that the Angelina Jolie-lookalike chose to dress herself in? We're not disputing the fact that the Italian model can rock a cut-off tee and weird, plaid leggings—just wondering why it's necessary to dress up like a hair band groupie in the first place. Perhaps she had a fan club meeting for "Headbanger's Ball" later that evening.

She's Thinking: Viva le Poison!

Tania Gunedi at the Premier of Disney's " Princess Protection Program" in Toronto

Comment: The rules here are fairly simple: It doesn't matter how cute or bubbly or youthful you may appear to be, if you are over the age of ten—scratch that, four—then you should not be allowed to leave the house with your hair resembling Mickey Mouse ears. Not even to attend a Disney event. Especially not to a Disney event! As far as anyone taking you seriously as an actress after this, let's face it—no member of the Mickey Mouse Club has won an Academy Award so far. A pop music career? Now that's a different story.

She's Thinking: Britney and Christina, eat your heart out.

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