Jewelry/Bling. Get the Ultimate Revenge with ‘Out Of Your Life.Com’

June 22, 2009 • Accessories


A new enterprise has sprung up for us girls embodying that classic adage we have all considered before in times of crises: 'Don't get mad, get even'. Recently launched is a call to arms for the recently unattached who are looking to rid themselves of any mementos obtained during their so-called happier times. The site is a sassier take on the old pawn shop and a much more stylish option than the infomercials during daytime soaps that offer you cash in exchange for your old jewels. Forget the picture of the bespectacled grandma licking her manila envelope full of yellow gold and marquis-cuts in anticipation of a few extra bucks. How redemptive is that? What OOYL provides is a way to throw out any emotional baggage caused by some less than worthy guy and absolve yourself of his stupidity through a healthy outlet focused on growth—namely, capitalism.

Order a free Break Up Box and submission form to send your unwanted jewelry to

Boasting the phrase, "It's time to break up with his jewelry too" OOYL offers to take old engagement rings, wedding rings, diamonds, watches, and other fine jewelry in exchange for a check that is promised to be mailed promptly following inspection. The site assures that the purchase price of any jewelry is based on the quality, size,
rarity, value and marketability of each item as objectively determined
by jewelry buying experts. All you have to do is request a free 'Break Up Box' which will arrive pre-addressed and postage-paid for a quick and easy sendback brimming with all your unwanted baubles. And if he happens to wind up on his knees at your doorstep, bearing a dozen roses and whispering those three words we ladies all love to hear ("you were right"), then OOYL makes it easy for you to quickly (and discreetly) get your jewelry back before he's the wiser. Or you may just have a change of heart and want those chandelier earrings for your first date with hot, new neighbor— revenge as good as money in the bank. Well. Almost.

For more on the various Out Of Your Life services, visit
-Alia Rajput

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  1. Lisa W. says:

    Interesting concept. I hope they do well. I love the bling and probably will find lots to buy there – LOL.
    I follow this site for the latest in true luxury. They have a “Fashion & Jewelry” section.

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