Legally Yours. Louis Vuitton Sued for Selling Handbag Swatches

June 22, 2009 • Fashion

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The New York Post has just dropped the ball on the newest high end court case which involves luxury label Louis Vuitton. The couture house has reportedly been busted for selling leftover swatches of it's iconic logo handbags to fine art dealers and collectors. The designer of the handbag line, Takashi Murakami, was seemingly unaware of that the LV company was selling swatches of the signature leather as limited-edition prints. Yet it was not Murakami, but art collector Clint Arthur who filed the suit. Arthur had purchased swatches from the L.A. Museum of Contemporary Art for $6,000 apiece but once he discovered the deal was unbeknownst to the designer, he decided to take legal action. "I love the art of Takashi Murakami. I love the images. What I don't like is the deceit behind the work,"Arthur explained in his statement. Louis Vuitton attempted to dismiss the class-action suit but was denied by a judge. Reps for the luxury goods company described the suit as, "baseless litigation."

Article Source: The New York Post
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-Alia Rajput

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