He Said, She Said: Denim Done Right…and Wrong

June 23, 2009 • Fashion, Fashion Blog

Male Box editor Joseph Ungoco and I love to doing these! We just wish we had time to do them more often. We take a trend and give our opinion from a female/male perspective. We don’t always agree which makes it all the more interesting. Up now? Denim! A trend that has gone slashed, gashed and torn. Be careful, you could be treading dangerously close to fashion victim territory. We will try to save you.

1. Balmain Spring ’09

She Said: We have seen this picture a hundred times and the jacket already on celebs. This is the picture that launched the tattered jean look and when paired with a great structured jacket, I love it. My fear is that it will translate to the streets with a black concert t-shirt! That would be tragic indeed.

He Said: I love it! This was the perfect update to a period 80s look. The problem came when this started to filter down and everyone thought that they could dig out what they actually wore in the 80s. The runway look is actually much more engineered with the bleaching pattern and tears strategically placed. Plus, the super skinny leg with the deca-stack is a totally fresh take.

2. Alexander Wang Spring ’09

She Said: Here is another look I like. The black jeans with a blue denim shirt/jacket with killer shoulder pads a la 80’s. Love the shoes too. Joseph will think this look is safe if not boring…which is why I like it!

He Said: I could live quite happily without the linebacker shoulders on the denim shirt returning to fashion. Don’t get me wrong – I love me some Alexis Morel Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan Dexter, but even she would be wearing a more modern take. The jeans themselves don’t excite me. They fall somewhere into the unnoticeable abyss between a straight leg skinny and a super skinny rocker.

3. DKNY Spring ’09

She Said: Is this for real? How gawd awful and sloppy is this outfit? It’s a feat to make a model look fat so imagine this on the average woman! Especially if she doesn’t work under the hood of a car.

He Said: Wow! Who would have thought that you could throw a potato sack into a vat of indigo, tie a bow on it and send it down the runway. I actually love the coverall look, but tailored is definitely the way to go.  I understand the “comfy” look, like you “could” do yoga and rack pilates in it, but you don’t actually have to be able to do those things in an outfit.  Even Wilhelm, my mechanic of BMW of Manhattan has his pristine white coveralls tailored to perfection – and he can still take apart a sports car.

4. D Squared Spring ’09

She Said: Aw. Behold the denim tuxedo! Seriously bad…in any language.

He Said: AHEM! I must disagree with my esteemed Editor In Chief. This outfit seriously rocks! Yes – you need legs that reach all the way down to the floor to pull this off, but the tailoring and the overall 3 piece look is brilliant. Jade Jagger in this would knock the image of her mother in YSL’s Le Smoking out of the history of fashion photography.

She Said: Well at least you still hold me in esteem even though I hate this ensemble. Bianca rocked this look better…in white.

5. Givenchy Spring ’09

She Said: I had to do a triple take. Unless you are on the back of a Harley, I say run from this!

He Said: Ummm… I know that it’s June, but is it Gay Pride already? Wait, that’s on a girl on a runway, not on a boy on a float for a leather bar…  I’m confused.  Seriously, I’m really confused…

6. Junya Watanabe Spring ’09

She Said: I am at a loss for words. Maybe Joseph can articulate while I collect myself.

He Said: This reminds me of that show “After People”. It’s like it’s 25,000 years after all the people in the world are dead and the only things left are cockroaches, Cher, and crazy costumes she makes from stuff she finds in landfills. It’s like 80’s Thierry Mugler was just a faint memory of a glorious moment in fashion history and someone tried to channel it though selvage denim.

7. Victoria Beckham

She Said: The Berkin is the best part of this outfit! In fact, it’s the only part of this outfit. Is she for real?

He Said:
OK – don’t mess with The Posh. My girl is giving Hermes so hard that it hurts. How can you possibly put more focus on your accessories than to wear shorts that are smaller than your handbag – or your shoes?

8. Nicky Hilton

She Said: Denim done right! I think Nicky looks great here. From head-to-toe…perfection. Take heed. This is the denim trend done right. Mind you, she didn’t need the grey layer poking out from under the white top, but it doesn’t bother me.

He Said: I hate to say it, but I have to admit that these jeans are “dead on”. The color, the pattern, the cut – everything is perfection. The only thing that I completely HATE is the tonally-matched under layer. The jeans have such clean gorgeous lines, but, at first glance, the overall look could easily be mistaken for the poopy-drawers drop crotch harem pant. I would have reversed the layers and kept the white underneath and the grey on top.

– Lauren Dimet Waters & Joseph Ungoco

Photos: NY Mag, Denimology

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  1. Love this article! And just when I was on the verge of pairing my Ac/DC concert shirt with my ripped jeans 🙂 Any remarks from the peanut gallery on integrating concert t shirts into style makers? Candy

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