New Survey Shows “Redefintion of Shopping”, Confirms Downturn Generation

June 23, 2009 • Fashion


Chicago based market research firm Information Resources Inc. recently conducted a survey to gauge how much the economic condition has affected this generation and what, if any, changes have really been made to the average person's overall lifestyle. The results from the group they surveyed,1,067 consumers ages 18 to 65, pointed to striking similarities between the current recession and the response to (eek!) the Great Depression that occurred 80 years ago. The survey also showed that, judging from their behaviors, it seems to becoming more and more apparent that the younger consumer group is carving out a name for itself as the Downturn Generation.

The IRI survey, named "Dissecting the Downturn", confirmed this observation by revealing that 70 percent of polled people had reduced clothing purchases, with 56 percent saying that “they will do so well into the future.” Over half of the survey group claimed they would rather repair their own clothes by sewing and patching them instead of buying new ones. And in the way of conserving energy and saving on cleaning costs, 60 percent of the group wear clothing multiple times before washings and half of them said they will continue the practice.
Almost 82 percent wash laundry only when they have full loads, and 60
percent plan to keep doing that. Other changes seemed to occur in the beauty arena where most women are choosing to buy products sparingly and attempt spa services at home.

Between the economic tumult and the increasingly demanding need for
environmental awareness, many everyday practices seem to be shifting
away from previous trends. Thom Blischok, president of consulting and
innovation at IRI described the recent behavioral phenomenon as, "A
redefinition of shopping, a redefinition of eating and a redefinition
of clothing purchases.
" He went on to add, "It will take significant convincing before the Downturn Generation
believes it is safe to open their wallets and purses again, long after the recession ends.”

Article Source: WWD
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-Alia Rajput

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