The Fashion Show: We’re Just Not Feeling It

June 23, 2009 • Lifestyle


We have said very little about Bravo's 'The Fashion Show' to date, because frankly, even though we watch it…we just are not feeling it. Both Carol and I say the same thing the day after it airs when we talk about the show…'eh.' The conversation typically goes something like this:

Carol: Did you watch it?

Lauren: Yeah, but I was bored. I can only watch it from my DVR so I can blow through the boring parts. I'm usually done in 20 minutes. I could really care less about these designers and Kelly Roland really bothers me. What does she know about fashion? I'm confused.

Carol: Since it's fashion I've got to watch it, but it ain't no Project Runway.

Lauren: There is no excitement and the formula is always the same. It's so predictable. And who cares about the fashion show judges in the audience? I'm just totally annoyed the Chicago designer flaked and Keith Listner is gone. In my mind, the show is hanging by a thread.

Sunday's New York Times had lukewarm review "Mild Start for Bravo’s ‘Runway’ Replica" …we couldn't agree more. We are counting the days until Project Runway debuts on Lifetime August 20th! We miss Tim Gunn and Michael Kors snarky comments!

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