Celebrity Style. Conrad Conquers Brown.

June 25, 2009 • Celebrity Style


Last week, Lauren Conrad did a photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar looking much more glamorous and much less bubble gum pop. 

One thing that totally made me do a double take–the brown wig! Although I'm by no means a fan of mousy brown, somehow the way in which the style was shaped on her head made her look like she had porcelain doll skin (without the porcelain of course!)

She looked more like a doll from the American girl collection and less like Mandy Moore in her "Candy" days. 

I'm pretty impressed.  Maybe she doesn't have to go brown, but this pressed down iron straight hairstyle certainly looks better then the frizzy waves.

And can't complain about her super high fashion designer duds! Loved them!

Photo: Just Jared
–Simona Kogan

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