Say It Isn’t So! Patricia Field Claims to be Leaving ‘Sex and the City’

June 25, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Patricia Field

The eccentric stylist behind the ingenious looks of cult fave series, 'Sex and the City' may be abandoning her post! Patricia Field, head designer for House of Field and notorious creator of Carrie Bradshaw's signature looks, just announced that she may be leaving the set of the sequel to the 'Sex and the City' movie before it even begins filming. Field and 'Sex' star Sarah Jessica Parker apparently had a vehement disagreement over the nature how Sarah's character Carrie Bradshaw should look. The character Bradshaw has been idolized for years for her style on the show that ran the gamut from quirky to classy, but always in drool worthy labels like Manolo Blahnik, Dior, and Lanvin. But now, perhaps as a response to the changing financial climate, Parker apparently wants to tone down her character's coveted look into something more recession friendly. We just can't imagine Carrie strutting the streets of New York in the generic labels that the rest of the world wears—what's covetable about that? Could it be that she wants to revamp Carrie's style into a practical one for certain "life changes" that may occur throughout the movie? Ahem, motherhood? Even so, we're still not buying it. Field seemed to agree because she apparently tried to put the kibosh on the whole idea and it ended in a faceoff between actress and designer. "I don't use the recession as a reference for my creativity," she pointedly told Grazia.

Some of the looks Field designed for SJP's Carrie Bradshow in the first 'Sex and the City' movie

Field claimed that if she leaves 'SATC" she's got plenty of ideas for other struggling fashion victims in the limelight, for example 'Britain's Got Talent' sensation Susan Boyle. Though Boyle recently underwent a very public style makeover, Field thinks she should kick it up a notch to embody true diva style. ‘Roll on the make up. Put her in a corset, put her in a diva gown – give her a hot wig and let her go and sing.'  Eh. We'd much rather still see Carrie in vintage Chanel, which hopefully comes in maternity.

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-Alia Rajput

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2 Responses to Say It Isn’t So! Patricia Field Claims to be Leaving ‘Sex and the City’

  1. I think SJP is forgetting that the audience is expecting to see all that glam and expensive style. We need the escape and see what is new out there. This will help those struggling designers to get their product out there. Think SPJ!

  2. Lauren - Second City Style says:

    I could not agree more! Movies are an escape. i do not want to see a watered down, recession Carrie. No way! Also, the last movie got women so excited about fashion again. Why mess with that?

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