Michael Jackson: Style Setter and Fashion Icon

June 26, 2009 • Fashion

Today we are all reflecting on the life of Michael Jackson after the shock of his sudden death yesterday. Besides my inability to get Beat It out of my head, I also keep seeing flashes of Michael Jackson and what he wore. I want to give credit to the pop star for his style, which truly became all his own, and how he had and will always have a fashion influence on all of us. Who could resist the cropped leather jackets, aviator glasses, the tuxedo looks, the military jackets, and the glittery sequins that he wore? OK and the glove. On top of it he was able to dance (like no one else) while wearing these looks. We all want to dress a little like a pop star, but must always remember that much of the influence of today came from Michael Jackson.

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— Carol Calacci

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