Remembering Michael Jackson: A Fashion Tribute

June 26, 2009 • Celebrity Style


The world is reeling today with the ongoing shock of Michael Jackson's sudden death. As arguably the most recognizable name of his generation, Jackson made constant headlines throughout his career, from his record smashing albums to his controversial personal life. Though Jackson was a quiet and mysterious person throughout much of his life, his music allowed him to become an almost otherworldly presence and for over two decades he influenced countless fans and fellow artists with his legendary sound and eccentric, individual style. Many of Jackson's fashion choices were daring to the point of questionable. Ranked on countless 'Worst Dressed' lists over the years and the punchline to many a fashion joke, Michael Jackson never wavered in projecting his unique persona through his clothes. Along with the likes of Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, the undisputed 'King of Pop' pioneered a new era of music that made a performer's stylistic elements as famous and memorable as the songs they wrote. Today, as a result, his can be regarded as one of the most copied personal styles in history.

Many of the most revered style icons in the pop arena today have been inspired by Michael Jackson's trademark looks:

Beyonce adopted an MJ favorite, the rhinestone single glove.

Rihanna is one of countless others who have worn spinoffs of one of Jackson's most famous looks—the Old English military jacket.

Musicians Kanye West and Teyana Taylor

Chris Brown got himself wrapped up in a scandal like MJ once did, and pays his tribute to the 'King of Pop' through his instantly recognizable red leather jacket,an iconic piece for the entire decade of the eighties.

Music and fashion mogul Diddy designs clothes for the masses but gets his own signature style by taking cues from Michael.

In his life and in his music he was always true to his own style and taste, for better or for worse. He carved a name for himself through the many risks that he took creatively and for that, he will always be remembered. Here are some more of Michael's memorable looks throughout the years.







Rest In Peace Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

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-Alia Rajput

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