WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

June 26, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Ciara at the premiere of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen at the L.A. Film Festival in L.A.

Comment: Film festival season is in full swing these days and one would think that some sort of rule book would accompany a celebrity's slew of invitations. This would help the myriad of confused stars who are seemingly unsure of the range of appropriate dress for a red carpet premiere. Case in point: singer Ciara, who has been out of the limelight for some time, chooses this ensemble for one of her few public appearances. Her too-casual look stood out awkwardly against the dressier, classier garb of the other attendees. And while were thankful that she did in fact layer her sheer white top (avoiding a nipple faceoff with Megan Fox), her choice of a sloppy purple tank underneath does nothing to offset the catastrophe of her leggings (who would actually create an acid wash pattern?!) or her matronly roundtoe shoes. The tank does seem to serve the purpose of inspiring the singer's beauty palette as her bright magenta lipstick to top of the ensemble is pretty much an exact match.

She's Thinking: I need to 1,2 Step myself out of this outfit.

Fergie at the Louis Vuitton show for the Paris Menswear Fashion Week

Comment: No we just can't let it go. Ever since Madonna debuted the wacky, 2009 LV silhouette in her jumpsuit and rabbit ears at the Met's Costume Gala, we have been cautious of the trend. Fergie seems to have picked a more grown up version of Madge's ensemble for the label's runway show, and yes, it is Paris so I guess technically anything goes, but still—this is now the second case of an overly flouncy bubble hem skirt, here with the help of high shoulders, making one of the world's best bodies look unflattering and cartoonish. She's like a futuristic Alice in Wonderland here, which actually works perfectly because now Madonna can be her White Rabbit. 

Shes Thinking: Big girly may cry!

Amanda Peet at the 2009 'Shakespeare In The Park' Opening in NYC

Comment: While perusing the choices for this week's feature, I actually had to stop, double take, and go back when I first saw this picture. Oh Amanda! Why have you forsaken us! Just because you're attending a Shakespeare show does not mean you have to channel your inner-Brit Lit Professor. The glasses! The Mary Janes! It's just too, too much of a frump cliche, made all the worse by the fact that this usually hot starlet has seemingly stopped brushing her hair before going out into paparazzi-infused public. And if all that wasn't enough, I hate to be the one to report that yes—that is a sweater tied around her waist.

She's Thinking: Forget Silverman, someone save me!

Zoe Salman at the launch party of 'Leap Anywhere' in London

Comment: People like Zoe are what make this job so fun and enjoyable, not to mention easy. Salman is playing around with a few different period looks here: the seventies with her high waisted jean shorts, the eighties with her bright blue eye shadow and (shudder) shiny, black tights under the shorts, the nineties with her choker necklace and loosely waved hair, seriously channeling an episode of Full House. The only thing really current about her look, sad to say, is the turquoise rubber band bracelet that shows her allegiance to the cause of the evening.

She's Thinking: Rock on Jesse and the Rippers!

Stylist Derek Warburton at the 'I Love GenArt' 15th Anniversary Benefit in NYC

Comment: Looking at this pic conjures up an amendment to the old adage, "Those who can't do, teach." How about "those who can't dress, style." Warburton's status as an ingenious celebrity stylist could only be true in the sense that he's so dedicated to his job he didn't have any time to go home and dress himself before the benefit and was forced to take pieces from his female clients. At least he nailed it with his man bag. If Warburton is a product of Gen Art's many mentoring programs they may need to invite him back in for a few more sessions. He's clearly not quite ready to be on his own yet.

He's Thinking: These vertical stripes give me legs like Heidi, fierce!

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-Alia Rajput

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