How Do I Love The One-Piece? Let Me Count The Ways…

June 27, 2009 • Magazine

How Do I Love The One-Piece? Let Me Count The Ways…

How Do I Love The One-Piece? Let Me Count The Ways…

Sat, 2009-06-27 06:00

Joseph Ungoco

The record rainfall seems a distant memory now that the summer sun has finally decided to shine upon us all. Unfortunately for many of us, the gloomy start to the summer season means that we may have put off that final sprint toward a perfectly beach-ready body. If you haven’t spent the past few months in hardcore bikini boot camp, the one-piece is here to save your summer!

Granted, a one-piece will only help help hide minor figure flaws, but it will buy you some valuable workout catch-up time. While the one-piece provides added support and coverage – for the more modest among you – creative color-blocking can further enhance your figure. Pucci, best known for the psychedelic 60’s-inspired prints that can cover up a multitude of wintertime sins, offers a great multi-colored option that uses black bands to trick the beach watcher’s eye. The black outline reads as a much smaller one-piece than the overall silhouette and the color blocking enhances the bust. Oscar de la Renta showed a great grayscale option that uses color blocking along the princess lines to reinforce the hourglass silhouette and black panels to erase potential problem areas.

If you still adhere to that old fashion maxims that black is “slimming” and “sexy”, you’re absolutely right and then there is no shortage of options for you this summer. However, if you think that “black = boring”, then you’re completely wrong! Stella McCartney slashed an otherwise modest tube top one-piece at the waist, making it undeniably sexy. The bandeau she added that hits just below the shoulder brings the focus to the collar bone and shoulders – a very flattering look for many women with the added bonus that the waist looks thinner by comparison. Just Cavalli slashed an already sexy one-shouldered one-piece, making it unstoppably sexy. No review of fashion swimwear would be complete without mentioning Herve Leger, the undisputed king of clothes that make women both look and feel sexy. He chose to bare just one shoulder, a mirror reflection of the triangular waist slash. The asymmetry of this look enhances the sex appeal of the wearer, whether she’s strolling the beach or just standing still for an admirer.

Pirates may hunt the black “X” in search of treasure, but at D Squared a white “X” marks the spot – the sexy spot, that is. The white one-piece cross-over is definitely not for perfecting your tan on the beach, but it is perfect for after-sun cocktails. If you’re looking to make a sparkly splash at a sunset beach party, then Emporio Armani‘s crystal-encrusted suspenders-and-boyshorts look is sure to turn heads. Completely backless, this number will ensure that your exit is a amazing as your entrance!

If you find yourself invited to sunset cocktails on a megayacht in some chic harbor and are at a loss as to what to wear, consider the one-piece as cocktail dress. Jean Paul Gaultier‘s fuschia halter-top one-piece features a silk satin cape that can be tied into a chic cover-up. You’ll look like a migratory bird of paradise that has just landed briefly on deck for a sip of cold champers before you take off for your next exotic destination. Elie Saab‘s bright purple one-shouldered one-piece with ankle-length silk chiffon overlay is a divine swirl of fashion overload that will throw everyone in your path off-balance. “Over-the-top” is always “just fine” for me, but do try to not knock them overboard literally as you float gracefully through crowds that gather to admire you.

Regardless of which of these stunning one-pieces you choose for yourself, you’ll be sure to make a splash. Here’s hoping your invitations this summer live up to your wardrobe!

2009 Spring RTW
1. Pucci
2. Oscar de la Renta
3. Stella McCartney
4. Just Cavalli
5. Herve Leger
6. D Squared
7. Emporio Armani
8. Jean Paul Gaultier
9. Elie Saab

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