This Season’s Accessory Trends. Interview With Constance White, eBay Style Director

June 29, 2009 • Fashion

Constance_White_2009 Last year I met Constance White, eBay's Style Director while she was in Chicago and was thrilled to have the opportunity to speak to her again recently about the current Spring/Summer trends. She offers a wealth of fashion information and style tips, so this season I wanted to concentrate on my favorite subject: shoes! (And then, of course I had to get into handbags a little bit, too.)

SCS: What are your top Spring/Summer shoe trend picks?

Constance: Well there are two trends that I thing you should concentrate on this season.
1. Chunky platforms or thick heeled pumps and sandals, which you can wear with skinny jeans or wide leg pants: or
2. The sexy flat sandal, it can be metallic, or have beading or embellishment. These work well with the longer dresses, as well as casual dresses and shorts.

SCS: What do you think about the gladiator look? I love it, but I'm worried…have we seen enough of this trend? Should we start to avoid it?

Constance: Yes, we are seeing quite a lot of this trend but I think that a lot of fashionable women will still be wearing the gladiator this season. It can be modified and just go up around the ankle, it doesn't have to go all the way to the knee!


SCS: Can women find a real bargain on never worn designer shoes on eBay?

Yes, absolutely! One of the most well-shopped categories on eBay is Shoes. You can find shoes that may be worn one time but many are never worn. It can be from an individual or from one of the many vendors that set up a business on eBay. You can find designers like Gucci and Christian Louboutin.

SCS: Are there any vintage shoe trends that you see moving on eBay?

Vintage trends usually reflect what is current and hot – again like the platforms.They may find Sergio Rossi's from the 70s or go all the way back to 40s to find platform. Another popular trend would be 80s shoes from the punk movement. With vintage you can find never worn shoes as well.

SCS: Okay once we have the shoes, next I think of the handbag. What do you think are good handbag bargains for this season?

Constance: A smart trend that often is a bargain is and eco-friendly bag. They are trendy cute and affordable because they are often made of of fabrics, which are light and go well with summer fashions.


SCS: And what do you think is a wise investment bag for this season?

Constance: A good investment bag, since this is something that you are going to pay a nice sum of money should be something that is of classic styling and construction. It should be of leather, in a neutral color, which could be a black or a dark brown, but can also be a color like red or Hermes orange. These colors can go into fall as well. Patent leather also works well for your investment bag, and it could be quilted or with a finish. The shape I would recommend would be a hobo or satchel because these shapes can work with tailored or business to frilly clothes, and from day to evening. Also consider how comfortable it will be to carry the bag and look good padding on the strap or handle.

SCS: Many of our readers probably have valuable shoes and bags in their own closet that may fly on eBay and they don't know it. What hot items might they have that they can probably sell?

Constance: My tips for selling on eBay would be:

First think of the trends that you see in magazines, stores, or online magazines and blogs like Second City Style. The things we just discussed, the flat or chunky shoes that you may have that just did not work for you may be right for someone else.

List your items by brand, for example if you have Tory Burch, Louis Vuitton, Manolo Blahnik and Kenneth Cole, these are all always popular. But also remember that there is a buyer for everything on eBay, so it does not necessarily have to be a well known brand or designer and the item can sell.

If you don't want to deal with selling the items yourself, you can use one of our trading assistants on eBay that do everything for you, from listing and to shipping, and they do that for a commission that you agree upon. They are in all cities, and you can get a big bag of items from your closet to them and have them handle everything.

It is not hard to sell on eBay for yourself, so it is worth trying a few item, I recommend starting the bid low, and you can set a reserve price that the buyers do not see, (say it is $100) so the item will not be sold if the bidding does not reach that price.

Listening to Constance got me excited about checking my own closet again. I may be able sell some items and I'll also check out eBay for purchasing. Or I just might be able to revive something I already have to wear this season!

— Carol Calacci

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