DVF’s Meatpacking Store Gives Off Designer Scent, Passersby Not Thrilled

July 2, 2009 • Fashion

Diane Von Furstenberg

Yesterday, as pedestrians hurried along (because that's what New Yorkers do) past a particular shop in Manhattan's Meatpacking District they were suddenly caught off guard by an overpowering scent. The scent, however, was not of old garbage, pollution, or any other typical scent one would find in New York at any given time—yet it generated a similar kind of unappreciative reaction. "I literally got dizzy from this, (it was) putrid, awful……something you'd find on a 60-year-old matron," one woman subjected to the scent described. Well, 62 to be precise.

The source of the smell was the West 14th Street location of a Diane Von Furstenberg boutique, where the designer's signature scent D is continually pumped through the air vents, resulting in an outdoor wafting that seemingly ranges from slightly noticeable to downright nauseating. Whereas some might appreciate the luxurious dynamic the scent creates for all who pass through it, others have expressed they could do without. "She [von Furstenberg] has some nerve wafting this out of her store.
There is a point at which these peoples' egos and chutzpah . . .
absolutely begin to take over any sense of reality or consideration for
other people . . . It's just a matter of time before someone's going to
get sick and keel over from it or has an allergic reaction to it."

Yet all melodrama aside, the scent does boast an veritable array of various flowers and spices that may make up the heaviness. The web site describes D as, "an exotic mix of Mandarin flower, violet leaves and lychee. Jasmine
absolute, ylang ylang and Lily of the Valley, with an edge of pepper
and nutmeg
." That probably is a lot to take in on a hot summer's day in New York. As soon as DVF's people found out they were apologetic and claimed, "This is the first we've heard of it. We'll absolutely look into it." So no harm done in the long run, though DVF should probably ease up a bit on the ylang ylang and just let her unmatronly designs sell themselves.

Article Source: newyorkpost
Photo Source: stylefrizz
-Alia Rajput

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  2. Dena says:

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